Less Laggy Gears Of War 3

gears of war xbox 360 image  1 Less Laggy Gears Of War 3

Problem with the first two Gears Of War was the multiplayer lag.  The game had a cool concept where the teams had to work together to win the match but what screwed it up was the lag.  It only took one guy from the other team with good connection to run around and not get killed to mess up the game.  For Gears Of War 3, Epic has decided that the game will have it’s own dedicated server for multiplayer.  This means that no one player will be the host and dominate the game.  IGN reported that many Gears fan stopped playing the game because of the lag.  I don’t blame them, it becomes extremely frustrating when you go down after several shots and you can’t kill the other team because of your internet connection.  Epic should also tone down the graphics, it’s unbelievably detailed for a multiplayer.  Im sure it takes up a lot of bandwidth looking at all the great buildings and shiny blue sky.

Here’s a video from IGN talking about the improvements for multiplayer:

Gears Of Wars 3 is scheduled to come out in Fall of 2011.

pixel Less Laggy Gears Of War 3

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