Legend of Korra Getting 26 New Episodes

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Yes folks it is a good day for us Korra fans.  The once 13 episode mini series was quickly expanded into 26. But now that Season 1 Book 1 is over, many people wondered will Korra get more episodes and today the creators of the show confirmed that it will be getting 26 more episodes bringing the total count to 52.

It was also confirmed that Season 1 Book 2 will NOT air this year but will launch next year around the same time as Book 1, the second season will then most likely launch in 2014 with Book 3 and the series will conclude in 2015 with Book 4.

The Legend of Korra aired back in early April and throughout the entire first season consistently had between 3.6 and 4.6 million viewers.  For those of you who have not watched it yet, all the episodes are available on the official Nickelodeon site (North America only) and can be downloaded off of iTunes.


pixel Legend of Korra Getting 26 New Episodes

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