Legend of Korra Movie?

Storyboard artist job Nickelodeon Legend of Korra TV Icon Legend of Korra Movie?

Some rumors have been circling around the Interwebz these past few days, it details a possible Legend of Korra movie made by Paramount. The film is apparently NOT live action but rather traditional animation like the show and the original series Avatar TLA and has a budget of a 100 million.

So what could be story of this film? I personally have no clue, but at least its animated like the show and not like the monstrosity that shall never be named, this news could get even better if the original creators are put on because they’ve proven they can do good stories and characters right and perhaps if this film is successfulwe may finally see the return of traditional animation in theaters, CG is good and all, but its been far to long since we’ve seen a honest to god animated movie for the grown up crowd.

pixel Legend of Korra Movie?

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