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lindsey lohan drunk Lindsay Lohan Encounter 

I hate going to Hollywood because of traffic, plain and simple.  I probably go to Hollywood once or twice a year.  But three weeks ago, I was invited to a party at House of Blues by a close friend.   I’ve never been to the place so I was excited and reluctant at the same time.  Got to the place about thirty minutes early and talked to the door person.  He asked me if I was with a party and I told him the person that invited me.  To my surprise, he gave me a concert ticket and a wristband.  The group performing was The Foreigner.  I’m not into music so I didn’t know who they were.  But at the end of the night, I learned I loved some of their songs but just didn’t know who performed it.

Once the party arrived, we started ordering food.  One guy in the party, told us he saw Lindsay Lohan on the second floor with her girlfriend.  Oh shit, Fire Crotch is in the same venue as I am!  She was so hot in Mean Girls, gotta talk to her.  We were on the third floor, so my friend and I head down to the second floor with a camera.  We see Lindsay sitting on the edge of the balcony.  She was with her girlfriend, Samantha Ronson.  Lindsay looked really skinny and probably weighed about 90 lbs.  No fat at all.  We were about to approach them but the security guard kicked us out because we didn’t have the VIP wristbands.  We go back up and finish our desserts.

Concert was about to start so all of us head down to the second floor.  Our party is by the left corner of the stage, while Lindsay was in the middle of the stage.  Foreigner starts performing and one of the first songs they played was “JukeBox Hero.”  I noticed my friend was missing and so was Lindsay.  He comes back and tells me he tried to take a picture with her but she said “I can’t, sorry.”

About 30 minutes later, Lindsay and her girl leave.  We stalk her ass outside.  My friend didn’t want to do shit anymore because he already got turned down.  I told him I’d ask this time.  We see them walking down the outside stairs by themselves.  I call out “Lindsay, Lindsay.”  Samantha turns around and wanted to talk.  Lindsay kept on walking and all I heard was a bitchy ass “NO!” from her.  She didn’t even turn her back to face me.  I was shocked because I thought she’d be nicer.  Damn, I really thought she’d at least stop and talk because we were the only ones in the vicinity.  I went back to the concert sad.  My friend still stayed outside and he told me later that he approached them and said he was a big fan of hers.  He said Lindsay said “Thanks” but not much else.

In Lindsay’s defense she’s probably sick and tired of fans always asking her for pictures and the paparazzis chasing her down .  She just wanted privacy.  But then again, she’s the first celebrity I’ve met that ignored her fans.  The last song Foreigners played was “I Wanna Know What Love Is” and  I definitely didn’t feel any from the fire crotch.   

pixel Lindsay Lohan Encounter

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