Lion King 3-D In Theaters Today

lionking3d Lion King 3 D In Theaters Today

Before being released next month on Blu-Ray 3D, Lion King 3D will have a special 2 week theater engagement starting today.  I saw the 3D version at D23 last month and while it had average 3D effects, the songs and music made it a memorable experience.  Hans Zimmer’s score is one of his best and it’s epic, especially when Simba is running back to Pride Rock.  The songs were great too and it flows really well within the movie as it actually progresses the story.

Back to 3D, the intro was really good because of all the animals moving in the foreground and background.  That had some good depth to it.  But the rest of the movie consisted of just having some grass or trees in the foreground to add the effect.  I could have done without the 3D.

The movie still holds up well and it’s a brisk 89 minutes.

pixel Lion King 3 D In Theaters Today

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