Logo For New Superman Movie Revealed

man of steel Logo For New Superman Movie Revealed
WB unveiled the logo for the new Superman movie, Man Of Steel on its Facebook fanpage.  Currently the fanpage has close to 10,000 followers and the logo unveiling alone had 263 comments.  The comments are mixed with one fan saying ” I am quite puzzled by the reaction to this banner. It looks like it belongs in a Batman movie. It’s too dark, too depressing, and overly industrialized.”  Another was more upbeat with “Cool..not everyone will like. Change is hard to accept for some..”

For me it looks good, the design overall still captures Superman’s symbol but updated for our time.  It might be too sexy for longtime Superman fans but that’s what happens when Zack Snyder helms the movie.

The trailer for the movie is suppose to be attached to Dark Knight Rises.  Man Of Steel is scheduled for June 14, 2013 release.


pixel Logo For New Superman Movie Revealed

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