Long Beach Comic Con This Weekend

lbcc 2011 71 Long Beach Comic Con This Weekend

Long Beach Comic Con has 2 events every year.  The big one is in October and the smaller one is in May.  This year it’s this Saturday and I’m looking forward to it.  Small shows are perfect to get commissions from artists because it’s not as crowded.  Artists aren’t in a rush and will take their time with their artwork.  It’s also good to pick up art prints, usually at $10 or $15.  I’m also going to hunt for cheap comics including Batman #9.  The best part with a convention is buying the unexpected, whether it’s an action figure or a rare comic.

Well known artists such as Dustin Nguyen (Batman Beyond), Joe Benitez (Lady Mechanika) and While Portacio (Spawn) will be on hand to mingle with fans.

You can get your tickets on their site for $15.

pixel Long Beach Comic Con This Weekend

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