Long Beach Fight Night 11 Results

MMA fans were treated to 8 exciting fights at Long Beach Fight Night 11.  It was raining but the fans came in full force and the Long Beach City College gym was packed.  There was a controversy, a few knockouts, Rampage-esque slams and submissions throughout the event.  Below are the results:

Skylar Reider vs. Willie Gates
Reider quickly went for a takedown but Gates stuffed it.  Standing up, Gates then tagged Reider with several shots.  Gates went for the kill and threw some heavy bombs at Reider.  Reider didn’t go down but the ref stopped it.  The stoppage seemed a bit early but the outcome would’ve been the same either way.

lbfn gates Long Beach Fight Night 11 Results
Gates sprawling against Reider

Winner: Gates

Eddie Mendez vs. Joseph Salas
This fight went to the judge.  Salas was taken down a couple of times against the grappler, Mendez.  Salas got up several times from the takedowns and did some ground and pound as well.  Standing up, Salas got the slight edge by throwing and landing heavier  punches.  This was the main factor in Salas getting the unanimous decision win.  Mendez didn’t do any damage on the ground.

lbfn salas Long Beach Fight Night 11 Results
Salas with the ground and pound.

Winner: Salas

Adrian Bio vs. Ozzie Alvarez
This was a short but exciting fight.  The two fighters were willing to trade punches from the get go and.  Alvarez connected with a hard right hook and Bio went down.  Alvarez continued his onslaught on the ground and the fight was stopped.

lbfn alvarez Long Beach Fight Night 11 Results
Alvarez finishing the fight!

Winner: Alvarez

Lee Chapman vs. Stephen Martinez
Chapman couldn’t stop the takedowns from Martinez.  Martinez dominated the first round with ground control.  In the second round Chapman threw a beautiful spinning elbow that hit Martinez on the face.  Martinez was still able to get a takedown after the hit and took Chapman down.  Chapman gave up his back and Martinez threw strikes from the top.  Chapman tapped and Martinez got the win.

lbfn martinez Long Beach Fight Night 11 Results
Martinez striking from the top

Winner: Martinez

Rene Gabaldon vs. Scott Brommage
This was another short fight as Gabaldon tagged Brommage early in the first round.  Brommage went down as Gabaldon went for the kill.  To Brommage’s credit, he defended most of the punches from the ground and got back up.  Brommage was still dazed and Gabaldon landed more strikes as they were exchanging punches.  The fight was stopped by the ref and Gabaldon got the TKO.

lbfn gabaldon Long Beach Fight Night 11 Results
Gabaldon going for the finish.

Winner:  Gabaldon

Ray Cervera vs. Isaac Gutierrez
This was the fight of the night as both fighters showed great ground game.  Cervera got Gutierrez in a triangle but paid the price and got lifted up in the air and slammed.  Cervera transitioned to a tight armbar that Gutierrez skillfully escaped.  Gutierrez went for a ground and pound and got caught in another triangle choke.  This time he couldn’t escape and tapped.  I’ve seen Cervera fight twice and he has always impressed me.  He has a great future ahead of him.

lbfn Guitierrez Long Beach Fight Night 11 Results
Gutierrez slamming Cervera

Winner:  Cervera

Adrian Diaz vs. Kenny Quach
Quach came out strong and took Diaz in the first round.  Diaz was able to get back up and threw strikes against Quach.  In the second round both fighters were winded and traded punches.  Quach pushed the fight but Diaz got the better punches.  In the third round it was the same story as  the second but this time Diaz got one takedown.  This ended in confusion as the fight was ruled a draw from the three judges: one for Quach, one for Diaz and the last scoring it 29-29.  There’s no way a 3 round fight should end with a score like that, later on it was overturned and Diaz got the win.  It turned out the CSAC miscalculated the scores.

lbfn quach Long Beach Fight Night 11 Results
Quach and Diaz exchanging blows

Winner: Diaz

Preston Scharf vs. Diego Bautista
Scharf controlled the fight with takedowns and ground control.  Bautista swept Scharf from the top several times and went for some ground and pound.  Bautista was better on the feet but didn’t do any damage.  Scharf didn’t do any damage on the ground either but at least he controlled the pace. This ended in controversy again as Bautista won by split decision, maybe it was the sweeps that was the major factor in the fight.

lbfn bautista Long Beach Fight Night 11 Results
Bautista with the top control

Winner: Bautista

Misc pics from the event:

lbfn misc06 Long Beach Fight Night 11 Results

lbfn misc05 Long Beach Fight Night 11 Results

lbfn misc04 Long Beach Fight Night 11 Results

lbfn misc03 Long Beach Fight Night 11 Results

lbfn misc02 Long Beach Fight Night 11 Results

lbfn misc01 Long Beach Fight Night 11 Results
Nam Pham at the Rules meeting.

pixel Long Beach Fight Night 11 Results

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