Long Beach Fight Night 12 Results

Choke was the theme of the night as Long Beach Fight Night was back for their 12th event.  Half of the fights ended in some kind of choke with a little bit of slugfest, brutal slams and controversies from the other fights.

Below are the results:

Emilio Gonzales vs. Henry Corrales
Corrales went for a huge slam early in the fight and set the pace for the fight.  Corrales was controlling the ground when Gozales scrambled.  Corrales took Gonzales back as he stood up and got the rear naked choke.
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Corrales with the choke

Winner: Corrales

Jason Williams vs. Lee Chapman
Williams was aggressor in the first round but couldn’t do much damage.  Williams got a take down in the first round but in the second, it was all Chapman.  Williams gassed and couldn’t sprawl.  Chapman calmly controlled the fight on the ground and got a rear naked choke.
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Chapman with the choke

Winner: Chapman

Adrian Diaz vs. Luke Adams
Adams got a quick takedown but couldn’t hold the dominant position.  Diaz swept Adams and sunk in slick darce choke.
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Diaz with the darce

Winner: Diaz

Karl Santiago vs. Randy Haskill
Haskill went for a takedown and Santiago defended well.  Most of the round had Santiago defending several more takedowns while throwing elbows.  As the round was about to end, Haskill got hit with 2 elbows on his head that put him down.  The ref stopped the fight and this one ended with a controversy.  Santiago got the win but Haskill showed damaged to the back of his head to the ref.  Hitting to the back of the head is illegal but the ref said the damage could’ve been caused by a previous blow.
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Santiago defending a takedown against Haskill

Winner: Santiago

Brandon Anderson vs. Raja Shippen
This fight ended in the first round.  Anderson got the takedown early in the first round but Shippen was able to neutralize any offensive attempts from his opponent.  Shippen got Anderson in a triangle choke and got the win.
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Shippen trying to avoid a takedown against Anderson

Winner: Shippen

Mike Jasper vs. Luis Salgado
This was the match of the night!  Tension was high from the opening bell and didn’t let up.  Both fighters were talking smack.  Salgado won the first round as he controlled most of the fight until about 30 seconds left.  Jasper got a take down and Salgado was on his back.  As the bell rang to end the first round, both fighters were still talking trash.  The corners had to separate them.  In the second round, Salgado was slowing down and Jasper got several heavy punches in.  Jasper also got a take down late in the round and more heated were exchanged in between rounds.  In the third round, it was a slugfest but once again Jasper got the better of the exchanges.  Salgado wouldn’t go down and Jasper got the decision.

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Jasper landing bombs

Winner: Jasper

Joe Murphy vs. Maurice Eazel
Maurice was controlling the fight with his quick strikes.  Murphy looked like he didn’t have a chance but he was just waiting for the opening.  The fighters traded strikes when Murphy got Eazel with a judo throw.  Eazel looked like he got hurt as he was slammed and couldn’t breathe.  Murphy capitalized on the opportunity and got a darce choke.
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Murphy with the choke

Winner: Murphy

Vince Guzman vs Thor Skancke
This fight ended in a second controversy of the night.  Skancke got a quick takedown but couldn’t do much damage.  Guzman was active in the bottom, going for submissions.  Guzman threw upkicks as Skancke was about to get up from the guard.  He got kicked several times in the face and the ref called time out.  Skancke couldn’t continue to fight because he was dazed and the ref awarded him the win for the illegal kicks.  The kicks happened so quick that I couldn’t tell whether Skancke was on his knees (illegal) or on his feet (legal) as he got kicked.  After the fight, the two fighters had heated words but cooler heads prevailed and they shook hands afterwards.
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Skancke with the ground and pound
Winner: Skancke

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