Assassin’s Creed 3 IGN Video Review

ac Assassins Creed 3 IGN Video Review

Ever since its release in 2008, Assassin’s Creed has gotten a lot of fans with the release of two games.  In the game, you’re an assassin killing high profile people such as a politicians and generals.  The first game was set during the 3rd Crusade while the sequel took place during the Renaissance Era.  Players enjoyed the different varieties you can kill someone, from being sneaky to going all out and taking out the guards as well.

Part 3 came out yesterday and the game is suppose to have new sidequests and new features.  New features include calling for backup from your fellow assassins as well as using girls for distraction.  But are these new features worth shelling out $60?  Find out below:

IGN gave it an 8 but from the sound of it, he seemed disappointed that the gameplay is the same as the sequel.  To me, it’s probably worth $30, since it’s just an upgrade.  So for now, I’ll just rent it at Gamefly and save money.  Game companies will not make bing changes to a game until it bombs.  Ubisoft is the company behind Assassin’s Creed and they’ve milked great franchises before like Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six.   Time will tell if they’ll make a 4th one with  the same gameplay.

pixel Assassins Creed 3 IGN Video Review

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