Machete Kills: Blu-Ray, DVD Review!

New from Universal on Blu-Ray, DVD and digital is Machete Kills a comical and gory film by Robert Rodriguez. Featuring a pretty star-studded cast with cameos if anything—the anti-hero is longtime actor Danny Trejo as Machete—a machete-wielding killing machine fighting the Cartel and a weapons-manufacturer/Terrorist led by everyone’s favorite Nazi-lover, Mel Gibson of all people

A really over the top film that is a crazy thrill ride from beginning to end, you’ll be on the edge of your seat as you laugh your head off as others lose theirs. I’d say the movie was racist against Latinos and Mexicans, but being written and acted by mostly such, its pretty much part of the comedy aspect.

Ever see “Spy Kids?” Well, half the cast is in it, but that’s for you to see when you watch the movie.

There is a lot of cheese factor, but when you want a ton of swearing, ridiculous killing and a messed up parody, “Machete Kills” is the flick for you.

Picture quality across the three versions is as follows. The Blu-Ray on an LCD TV is so flawless it’s magical—as though you are really there. The DVD is amazingly perfect for being the current low quality media—it looked great to me, so if you still don’t have Blu-Ray, you are in luck. The digital version plays as it does—computer, tablet, cell phone—pretty amazing. I give a lot of credit for what they put into it.

The Sound is 5.1 surround and allows you to hear all the gun shots, machines, gushing of organs etc…make sure you have a sub-woofer.

Extras include: Deleted and Extended scenes and a making of feature.

All in all, “Machete Kills” is pretty enjoyable—Rated R or maybe it should be NC-17, either way, I really recommend it to those who want to see a brain-dead action flick.

GRADE: A- (It really is an enjoyable film, sometimes over the top violence outweighs distaste for a certain Nazi-loving, washed up actor who I can’t figure out for the life of me would be in this movie).

pixel Machete Kills: Blu Ray, DVD Review!

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