Man Pays $335,000 For Virtual Property

entropia2 screen1 Man Pays $335,000 For Virtual Property

I was in disbelief when I first saw this news. But, the guy is a software engineer and probably is a millionaire. Anyways, Forbes interviewed the man and this is his explanation:

“When motion pictures were first invented there were a lot of critics saying that it is a novelty act and it would never amount to anything nor will be able to make any real money once the novelty wears off – last time i checked Avatar has grossed 2.7 billion dollars world wide. Most recent example is MTV and Internet but then you know those stories well enough. Virtual Universe is the next logical step in world entertainment and although there are a lot of critics and people shaking heads it is here to stay and take its ranks among the greats.”

It still sounds ridiculous nomatter how one justifies the purchase, but this guy is smart so he knows what he’s doing. Plus, he’s not too far off as most people nowadays live on the internet, whether through their computers or smart phones.

He continues to encourage people to check out the game called Entropia Universe as people are allowed to trade for real $$$. Maybe if I found a junky virtual world in the middle of nowhere, I can purchase land for dirt cheap. Then, I can fix it up, and resell it for profits, sounds like a plan!

pixel Man Pays $335,000 For Virtual Property

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