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From VIZ media comes the adult aimed “Black Lagoon.”

Both the story and art are done by Rei Hiroe.   As with a lot of manga the creator or artist will write and draw the book themselves.

The art itself is simply, classic manga gray-scale with an anime tone to it, (meaning it’s more cartoony than “life-like.”)

The story itself is a mish-mash of different military groups and mercs in a race to catch a trained killer who is also a maid (also classic to the Japanese fantasy culture.)

This book warns of explicit content so the kiddies don’t read into an endless stream of foul language and bloody violence.

I would recommend this series to adults only–meaning 16+ as far as I’m concerned.
My only complaints are: The story didn’t focus enough on the main characters of the Black Lagoon including Revy (who curses more than the guys) She is the classic street-wise, anti-hero with the hot bod and skills of a seasoned killer.

My favorite character is Shenhua, she is a Chinese assassin who speaks broken English. She runs around with a very large knife and causes splash pages of blood splatters. Probably the most fun character in the story and I really liked her more than the main characters.

All in all, Black Lagoon is a good adult manga which brings me to my next “complaint”–Now I have to get the others in the series because I really enjoyed it after I got started and now I want to see how the rest of the stories turn out!!!


pixel Manga Review: Black Lagoon 008

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