Manga Review: “What A Wonderful World!”

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And I think to myself, what a wonderful world… From VIZ Media we have volume 1 and 2 of the Manga series “What a Wonderful World!” Written and drawn by Inio Asano.
The books feature multiple short stories about the lives of people who are what many would consider failures. They are either unable to get a job or make it through Cram School to get into College. There are some stories about friendship and some about family.
Each story progresses as depressing and then ends on a good note–sometimes not. More often than not, many of the stories hit very close to home.
I personally like the series because it’s realistic. You can generally relate to some of the characters and that allows the reader to feel what the character is going through and makes you, the reader want to see them pull through.
Fantasy Manga’s are great, but sometimes, being in the real world is better.
The art is excellent, the characters resemble cartoony people and the backgrounds are well-done and realistic. The writing itself is that of someone who might have lived the life of a character or two. It seems that Asano wrote it in step with how an Anime would be spoken which makes the story more interesting.
All-in-all, I feel “What a Wonderful World!” is one of the best written Manga’s on the market that focuses on real life.

GRADE: A+ (It’s that good!)

pixel Manga Review: What A Wonderful World!

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