Marvel Universe: Spiderman 2099 and Black Widow!

I absolutely despise Marvel for a million different reasons but I have to admit that they have some nice action figures in the “Universe” collection.

The Marvel Universe action figures have been out on the market for a while now and I finally got around to getting the few that I wanted. My interest in these figures is caused by the fact that they are made exactly like G.I. Joe figures, the packaging is even close to the Rise of Cobra figures.
The details in the action figures is very good but could be a little better however I’m not complaining.

spi2099 bwidow1 1024x826 Marvel Universe: Spiderman 2099 and Black Widow!

Spiderman 2099 comes complete with a fired web and a web cape, the costume design is well-detailed and he has full articulation. A figure stand is also included. Miguel O’Hara is more genetically altered than Peter Parker –at least in 1992 when the 2099 series came out. O’Hara could climb walls with something resembling claws that came from his fingers, he also had web sacks in his arms that let him fire webs. Spiderman 2099 was a decent story, the first issue was great and I still have it in very fine condition. The package features great artwork and a lot of “advertising” on the back of the package.


spi2099 bwidow back1 1024x816 Marvel Universe: Spiderman 2099 and Black Widow!

Natalia “Natasha” Romanova, The Black Widow is nicely sculpted and looks very G.I. Joe with the inclusion of a machine gun accessory. A figure stand is included but what stands out the most like the Spiderman 2099 figure is the art work on the card. The back of the package has more advertisements and of course the short bio on the character. I always liked Black Widow because she was a Russian killing machine who was pretty. In response to the bio description on the back of the card, Black Widow should take her weapon of death and go ape-sh*t on the Avengers! Nice figure though


I don’t think I’ll be getting anymore, Hasbro needs to make a deal with DC and produce Batman and Superman 3 3/4 figures. I think Microman made them and they were great!!

pixel Marvel Universe: Spiderman 2099 and Black Widow!

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