Masters of the Universe Classics: Jan- Two Bad!

January is the month that Masters of the Universe Classics fans wait for in utter excitement. Technically there are a few months out of the year that MOTUC fans nerd out over (SDCC I’m looking at you) but January is always the start to a new subscription year; where all the figures we’ve seen images of from the year before finally start shipping out monthly. This month was double the trouble for He-Man and his friends. Two Bad finally saw his release as a subscription only figure for the MOTUC sub. Let’s look!

056 Masters of the Universe Classics: Jan  Two Bad!

For a bulky figure, Mattel certainly found a way to make Two Bad a regular packed figure. I’m certainly not complaining as I am perfectly fine with this glorious double header being charged as a regular sized figure. He comes packed with two accessories and a vest that can be removed. In package he looks very impressive.

060 Masters of the Universe Classics: Jan  Two Bad!

The back of Two Bad’s card features a few other popular MOTUC releases that have been out for awhile. Two Bad certainly fills in the ranks of Skeletor’s Evil Warriors and is a long awaited fan favorite.

063 Masters of the Universe Classics: Jan  Two Bad!

His bio takes a page from Two Bad’s role in the modern He-Man cartoon. Originally two bounty hunters; they were fused together courtesy of Skeletor and some strong magic. The bio is interesting because it views Two Bad as one creature, hence referring to Two Bad in the singular sense as opposed to viewing him as “them.” I am not sure how to really feel about that, at times I think of Two Bad as “them” and at other times I refer to Two Bad as “him.” I guess it is a matter of preference.

067 Masters of the Universe Classics: Jan  Two Bad!

Out of package this has got to be the best Two Bad made yet. There are certainly a few MOTUC figures that fans were highly speculating about in regards to how they would be made and Two Bad turned out beautifully. The scales on Badra’s side look amazing. The overall detailing is very impressive. Two Bad strikes a nice balance of maintaining the classic look of the vintage figure while also sporting some lovely detailing that was a trademark of the modern 200X toy.

069 Masters of the Universe Classics: Jan  Two Bad!

Their faces look superb! My goodness, I am blown away by the detail given to this figure. Two Bad was always one of those freakish characters to me. I wasn’t terrified of Two Bad from the cartoon, but in looking at the overall concept of this figure, there is a horrific aspect to how Two Bad looks and how Two Bad lives. They were two bounty hunters magically fused together! How is that not creepy? Or at the very least, makes one appreciate Skeletor for being a total badass.

070 Masters of the Universe Classics: Jan  Two Bad!

With the figure turned around we can see that the detailing is still there. Nothing is spared with this figure. The vest also fits nicely over the chest from both the front and the back, though it is a bit difficult to remove. (I chose not to remove it for this article.)

072 Masters of the Universe Classics: Jan  Two Bad!

Here are Two Bad’s accessories. A double headed mace and a shield. The double headed mace looks similar to the 200X version, but is not as detailed. (For instance, the Classics mace does not open.) The mace actually looks as if it could have been a copy of a vintage mace had one originally been made. The shield is nice looking with a play off of the patterns on Two Bad’s vest.

073 Masters of the Universe Classics: Jan  Two Bad!

Weapons and accessories have always been hit or miss for me with MOTUC figures. Some figures can easily hold onto weapons while others require some work. Two Bad’s mace and shield work easily enough with the figure.

075 Masters of the Universe Classics: Jan  Two Bad!

Now Two Bad is ready to pound some skulls! In a tribute to the vintage figure’s action feature, this Two Bad is posed ready to have arms and fists clash into each other and to play off the dueling nature of both heads usually arguing about something, thus spoiling any plots to over throw He-Man.

076 Masters of the Universe Classics: Jan  Two Bad!

Setting aside the bumbling villain route that the original cartoon painted for this character, let us instead imagine Two Bad as a thrilling foe ready to fight the Masters of the Universe!

082 Masters of the Universe Classics: Jan  Two Bad!

With the power of two minds filled with evil strategic skills, Two Bad is a force to be reckoned with against He-Man and Teela!

085 Masters of the Universe Classics: Jan  Two Bad!

Fighting them both off with the greatest of ease, Two Bad poses for his victorious win! (And maybe makes a good case for a Masters of the Universe fighting game. Just sayin.)

2014 has been described as the year that Mattel finishes up the remaining ranks of the original Masters of the Universe, (some) Princess of Power, and (some) of the New Adventures toy lines, so with the first release of Two Bad already out, the year is looking to be one filled with all kinds of amazing releases. Two Bad is an impressive start to the year, but we haven’t even gotten to Glimmer yet, so stick around as MOTUC unfolds in 2014!

Grade: A (Two Bad is just too darn cool to have anything but an A. Overall an amazing figure. We are finally getting to the great stuff with MOTUC!)

pixel Masters of the Universe Classics: Jan  Two Bad!

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