Masters of the Universe Classics: July- Flogg!

With 2015 being dubbed the final year of Masters of the Universe Classics line as we know it, the rest of 2014 seems to have a different feel to it. I have been collecting the MOTUC line since its debut about six years ago. A great deal has happened during those six years and so far many of the releases this current year have been fantastic. Take for example the New Adventures of He-Man faction. This has been a part of the line that has grown on me, so let’s look at the basic figure release for July: Flogg.

004 Masters of the Universe Classics: July  Flogg!

I will be the first to admit that I do not have a touch of nostalgia for NA He-Man. I remember it vividly. I also remember it lacking any female figures as well as a total lack of She-Ra, so I was essentially over it. However, looking over these new versions of those older figures, I feel as if I wrote NA He-Man off too soon. Flogg comes packed on the regular MOTUC card and bubble with the creepy Space Mutants sticker. He is dubbed the evil leader of the space mutants and appears to be a pretty impressive sized figure.

006 Masters of the Universe Classics: July  Flogg!

Up close the figure has some impressive detail. His suit has wires and other types of interesting bumps and ripples that give off a truly fun sci-fi vibe that was a hallmark of the series. His face is highly entertaining. He looks too creepy for his own good. Also packed with Flogg is his signature laser whip weapon as well as a Filmation inspired Power Sword strapped to his back. Sadly I will not be opening Flogg for this review. I do not have the space for every figure to be set free, so Flogg is simply going to stay put in his plastic tomb. For now.

012 Masters of the Universe Classics: July  Flogg!

When flipped around the card shows off some other NA releases from the line. While there are still a good number of NA figures still waiting to be made, there have been a decent amount of heavy hitters released for NA. Although I still feel bad for NA fans because there are still so many figures waiting to be made.

010 Masters of the Universe Classics: July  Flogg!

Bio wise, Flogg features a basic take on the villain. There is nothing truly remarkable about the bio, but it does take the whole idea of the He-Man story to a new level. Battles in space always sound like a great backdrop for an epic story. Hopefully, once more NA characters are released we will learn more of Mattel’s idea for the characters of MOTUC.

Grade: A (While not having any nostalgia for this figure, I can acknowledge that the design is pretty cool and a nice sci-fi looking figure to the line)

Stick around readers, because there is one more MOTUC review for July and it will be here on the double!

pixel Masters of the Universe Classics: July  Flogg!

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