Masters of the Universe Classics: October- Eldor

October was full of tricks and treats for Masters of the Universe Classics fans. Actually, I’m not really sure of the tricks, so let’s just check out the treats. For the basic Club Eternia sub, fans got Eldor the Heroic Guardian of the Book of Living Spells. Let’s look!

172 Masters of the Universe Classics: October  Eldor

A character from the Preternia faction of MOTUC, Eldor is just as his name implies; an old man. That’s the beauty of the MOTU mythos. Most of the character’s names really describe certain attributes. Eldor comes with his Book of Living Spells and a staff. For this review Eldor will be kept in his package because he will be finding a new home eventually with Paladin.

173 Masters of the Universe Classics: October  Eldor

The figure looks really nice. I like the sculpt for his beard as well as the detail for his hooded jacket. This figure has been demanded by fans for some time now and he rounds up a nice line up of figures from the Powers of Grayskull faction of the line, which was a planned toy line at one point that never made it. Now fans have their chance to get these desired characters!

174 Masters of the Universe Classics: October  Eldor

Other Powers of Grayskull figures line the back of the card as well as their major enemies the Snake Men! While I am not well versed nor am I a super fan of the Powers of Grayskull portion I do really enjoy the Snake Men. They are also very stunning figures.

177 Masters of the Universe Classics: October  Eldor

Eldor’s bio explains a little more about him. The name is nice. It has a fantasy theme to it that works for this line; though Eldor is just a slight bit cooler. I also like the bio. These bios from the POG faction are always fascinating for me because my touchstone for this line is the She-Ra side of things, so I am always learning something new.

Thus concludes the very short glimpse on Eldor. There is more though! Two other fantastic releases came out for the month of October and I will be posting them soon. Happy Halloween everyone.

Grade A: (Eldor is yet another stunning figure in a line that continues to fulfill the hopes of fans the world over. While he won’t be with me for long, Eldor will make a great addition to anyone’s MOTUC collection!)

pixel Masters of the Universe Classics: October  Eldor

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