Masters of the Universe Club Etheria: November- NA She-Ra!

The Masters of the Universe Classic releases are far from over as we have one more figure to look at from last month, and that is Galactic Protector She-Ra! As part of the Club Etheria mini subscription, Mattel issued out a newly designed She-Ra figure for the first time in a very long time. However, all is not what it seems. Let’s check things out!

007 Masters of the Universe Club Etheria: November  NA She Ra!

Here we have She-Ra, released for the New Adventures faction of He-Man. Fans had been teased about a She-Ra variant for some time, though most fans had speculated that the variant would be a Starburst She-Ra from the vintage line. This She-Ra does involve the stars but with a newly futuristic space look. She comes packed on the standard bubble and card and sports the Galactic Protectors sticker on the front.

008 Masters of the Universe Club Etheria: November  NA She Ra!

Up close we can see an outfit that has elements of the New Adventures style while also blending in looks from the vintage She-Ra toy. Her bodice is very reminiscent of the vintage toy. The choice for blue and silver is also very interesting. There had been images of a gold version as well. Mattel decided to go with the silver which contrasts nicely with the NA He-Man in gold and blue. I also like the visor as well as her translucent green sword and shield. The look of this figure is a perfect blend of science fiction warrior woman that fits perfectly with the theme of NA He-Man. As I mentioned in the previous article, I have not removed her yet from the card for more pictures, but I will work on something soon so that an even better look on the figure can be had.

010 Masters of the Universe Club Etheria: November  NA She Ra!

The back of the card features familiar NA releases. This faction of the MOTUC line has been an interesting one for me. The items have been hit and miss. Some of the NA figures have been incredibly fun and have found a place on the shelf while other figures have gone on to find better homes. I just was never really bit by the NA bug when the show and toy line originally came out so there is not a strong rooting value there for me like with the She-Ra and He-Man lines.

Now before we get on the subject of NA She-Ra’s bio, let me start off by saying this: I fully understand that the bios are not meant to be the true story of these characters. As fans we are fully capable of creating our own stories and reasons for these characters to exist, however I do have fun with the bios and look forward each month to see what Mattel has to say. With that said I was completely unimpressed with this bio. Check it out.

011 Masters of the Universe Club Etheria: November  NA She Ra!

Let me get this straight, She-Ra goes against her own code of honor to kill Hordak which backfires and returns the Princess of Power into darkness and she joins forces with Skeletor to bring about the Fall of Eternia? Huh? Can the woman ever get a break? Granted I know there is more to the story and I would imagine that She-Ra would free herself from darkness and reunite with the side of good once again, but could the bio had given her a little bit of a happy ending? Did she have to succumb to darkness again from Hordak’s soul lashing out at her armor? I just would have expected more. Part of the appeal of She-Ra has always been that she is the underdog. She is a warrior woman picked to join the rebels and to save Etheria from the oppressive forces of the evil Horde. I’m not against Hordak dying, but I am against She-Ra having to return to the dark side, resurrect Skeletor, and basically be an evil bee with an itch. Luckily, this is just a story and in my mind I have my own ideas and plans for how the epic conclusion would have occurred with Hordak.

That is it for the November Masters of the Universe Classics releases. Now that we are nearly midway through December it will only be mere moments before we get to talk about the figure I have been anticipating and patiently waiting on for years now: Mermista!

Grade: B (While the figure deserves an A for looking so cool, that disappointing bio tarnishes some of She-Ra’s silver.)

pixel Masters of the Universe Club Etheria: November  NA She Ra!

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