Masters of the Universe Classics Review: Mantenna!

It has been awhile, hasn’t it? There have been a good number of Masters of the Universe Classics released in the last few months, but I have been unable to review them. There is a reason for that, one that I will get into soon. Before I do, I thought it would be nice to take a look at the October MOTUC release: Mantenna!

021 Masters of the Universe Classics Review: Mantenna!

I want to start with showing what was printed on the white mailer box: instructions for creating Mantenna’s eye effect. The way in which the Four Horsemen designed Mantenna was pure genius.

025 Masters of the Universe Classics Review: Mantenna!

I’ve always been a fan of Mantenna. With his charm from the cartoon to his menacing look from the vintage toy line, he has always been an interesting character to me. His design is creepy cool and check out those eyes! I could get lost in them. Mantenna comes backed on a standard MOTUC card. A number of fans were speculating before his release on just what type of packaging he would be found in. Mantenna is a pretty decent sized figure, so it is impressive to see him on a standard card.

026 Masters of the Universe Classics Review: Mantenna!

Looking more closely, we can see that this Mantenna has all the same colors from the old toy and such a menacing face! Look at that face! It’s the face that only a mother could love. He comes with a Horde crossbow, extra set of eyes, and four fully poseable legs! I think the whole sculpt of this figure is so impressive. Impressive in fact that I am not really sure I want to open him just yet! I have simply enjoyed this figure too much in the package.

027 Masters of the Universe Classics Review: Mantenna!

The back of the card features all the cool Horde members that have been released thus far. Horde fans take rejoice there have been some wonderful Horde releases!

030 Masters of the Universe Classics Review: Mantenna!

Mantenna’s bio is also nice and refreshing. It simply shares the basics about who he is and what his powers consist of. I would have enjoyed some other mentions made about his interactions with other characters, but that is perfectly fine. I have enough stories in my own mind to satiate my need for Mantenna stories.

So the fun is only continuing. I have one extra special item to share, but before I do, I want to share something with you all. There is a reason I have not been able to continue the MOTUC reviews. Last spring I lost my job. I tried to figure out a way to stop that from happening, but there was nothing that I could do. As a result I found myself relying on selling items on eBay while also pounding the pavement for a new job. For some reason or another I managed to maintain my MOTUC subscriptions while not having a job and steady income. I could have gotten away with it to had it not been for those meddling life problems like bills, rent, and other important life necessities. Sadly I could not keep up and starting with October I was unable to continue to afford the subscriptions.

This is why the reviews have been behind and while they will probably not continue further for this year. However, I have begun to find some work and I am working towards getting back on my feet again. Hopefully the New Year will see me better than before and able to return to reviewing the 2014 MOTUC subscriptions. (There will be a great deal of cool stuff coming out next year that I do not want to miss out on.) Even though I have missed out on the subscriptions, I have been able to come across a few extra items, like this little guy:

032 Masters of the Universe Classics Review: Mantenna!

Kowl! While not a part of the MOTUC subscription, Kowl was released as part of a weapons pack to the line. I was fortunate enough to pick one up on eBay in loose condition for a decent price. He looks really wonderful, doesn’t he? The colors look bright and vibrant. Kowl features articulation on his arms only.

033 Masters of the Universe Classics Review: Mantenna!

Flipped around, there is not much to him. I really like the detail used on this sculpt. All in all this is a really nice Kowl! I am very impressed by what the Four Horsemen did.

038 Masters of the Universe Classics Review: Mantenna!

Here we have a lovely scenic view of Bow and Kowl jamming out in the Whispering Woods! The know-it-all owl is in perfect scale! Just a lovely item and perfect for the MOTUC line!

Grade- A+ (The A is for Mantenna because he couldn’t have turned out better, and he might actually make it out of his packaging one day. The + is for Kowl; the bonus that is pure PoP perfection!)

pixel Masters of the Universe Classics Review: Mantenna!

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