Mato Kuroi Is Black Rock Shooter…The Figma!

Waiting 5 or 6 months for a pre-order is a headache in itself, however I couldn’t be more happier!

Mato 1 743x1024 Mato Kuroi Is Black Rock Shooter...The Figma!
Mato Kuroi is Black Rock Shooter. Introduced in the OVA that was included with the BRS Figma, Mato is a happy middle school kid that makes friends with Yomi who just so happens to be Dead Master the rival of Black Rock Shooter.
The OVA is about 50 minutes and it’s mostly easy to follow, there are elements of the story that seem to lead the viewer to think that Mato and Yomi are more than friends; after all, Mato does tell Yomi that she loves her and it’s more than done in a friendly way. The story goes in and out of what appears to be reality of Mato going to school and doing what-not with Yomi and a small girl named Yuu; all the while there are flash scenes of Black Rock Shooter fighting a character called Black Gold Saw which appears to be Mato’s mom (her face) I could be wrong but that is what it appears to me. Black Rock Shooter then goes to fight Dead Master with a character called Strength which is Yuu looking on. All of these situations are interconnected and tell a story themselves. Before Mato wakes up in the morning for her first day at school, Black Rock Shooter is fighting a losing battle with Black Gold Saw and that seems to be a “battle” with her mom where she loses to her parent. When Mato is becoming friendly with Yomi that is when the battle between Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master begins as though it’s a sort of “battle” in Mato and Yomi’s relationship. After Mato gets friendlier with Yuu, Strength is looking on as though she is in the middle of the relationship between Mato and Yomi. In the end Yomi disappears and after Black Rock Shooter defeats Dead Master Yomi is freed from the essence of Dead Master and Mato and BRS become one. Complicated I know but that is Japanese Animation, beautiful art and nicely done, I wonder if they have or will make a full series?

Mato 2 768x1024 Mato Kuroi Is Black Rock Shooter...The Figma!

Anyhow, introductions aside, this is about the Mato Kuroi Figma action figure that was very exclusive to the Winter Wonder Fest. This Figma was made to order with the money due up front in order for it to be “yours.” This fact makes Mato very rare and hard to come by, ebay is already selling her for over $100 and I paid less than half that.

Mato 3 768x1024 Mato Kuroi Is Black Rock Shooter...The Figma!

Mato is wearing her school uniform which she is so proud of in the beginning of the OVA, she has her hair up in two tails and they appear adjustable as they are with the Black Rock Shooter Figma. Mato has 3 faces, the standard smile, the happy closed-eyes face and the “naughty Mato” when she is thinking of things to do with Yomi…Anyhow! She also comes with a selection of other accessories such as a basketball which mounts to one of the multiple hands (she is in the basketball club and at a few inches over 5 feet she is pretty good). There is also the all important cell phone hand so she can talk to Yomi and send text messages, the phone itself has nice detail including the cell phone strap which has a star that is molded close to the body of the phone. Mato has swappable feet or different shoes which is a very different Figma accessory than what all of mine have and she also has her school bag. The standard Figma stand is included and all in all Mato is a beautiful figure. The detail of the figure is great as with mostly all Figma’s and the packaging is awesome as always with great images of the figure on most of the sides and some starter poses on the back of the box.

Mato 5 732x1024 Mato Kuroi Is Black Rock Shooter...The Figma!

Mato is very rare and as I said, she is very costly already. It seems that the cost doubled far more quickly than I thought it would but what else is new, I got lucky–very, I ordered her the last day she was available! I would recommend getting Mato but you’ll have bleed and spend the money in order to do so.

Mato 4 478x1024 Mato Kuroi Is Black Rock Shooter...The Figma!

I don’t have any plans to open Mato because the figure is close to being one of a kind, but she is safe in the China Closet where she won’t get dusty or smoked so I know she’s in good hands. At this rate I should get her Graded and then I won’t have to worry one bit.

Mato 7 Mato Kuroi Is Black Rock Shooter...The Figma!

Because I can’t show her for detail here are some official Figma photos.

Mato 8 Mato Kuroi Is Black Rock Shooter...The Figma!

Happy Mato! Yomi wants to go on a date!

…and here is where the Black Rock Shooter collection is kept with boxed Dead Master at the rear, Black Rock Shooter and now Mato in the front. The BRS plush on the right and Dead Master and Black Rock Shooter displayed, all kept behind glass.

Mato 6 1024x663 Mato Kuroi Is Black Rock Shooter...The Figma!

Absolutely one of my favorite figures, I wish I could have gotten a second to open, but I was lucky to get this one. awesome in every way. There is a Yomi Figma, I think that’ll be next on my list.

GRADE: A+++ (I have to be biased in every way, I think it’s awesome, rare, valuable and well-made)!

pixel Mato Kuroi Is Black Rock Shooter...The Figma!

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