Matty-Script: Apr- Sy-Klone And Panthor!

The April figures are in and Matty Collector has changed me from a Sy-Klone hater to a liker, some-what… Sy-Klone was a dime a dozen in the 80’s and everyone and their brother had one. This Classics Sy-Klone is fully detailed and has almost everything that fans remember from the original figure plus an extra a-la 200X.

SyKl 1 768x1024 Matty Script: Apr  Sy Klone And Panthor!

Featuring the holographic radar upon his chest, Sy-Klone can’t spin as he could in the original and 200X figure line–the wheel is there on his waist, but it does nothing; disappointment, but the figure is still detailed nice.  Sy-Klone also includes his fancy yellow shield and new from 200X is a disk-like weapon that can attach to a spot on his back.

Cyc 0 796x1024 Matty Script: Apr  Sy Klone And Panthor!

The detail is nice on Sy-Klone, it’s very reminiscent of the original in terms of shape and styling and I really find the figure to be quite better than I originally thought, I was very much uninterested in getting him and was planning on selling as soon as it came to me. But, Sy-Klone holds a piece of shelf space now and will probably remain out for all to see.

SyKl 2 769x1024 Matty Script: Apr  Sy Klone And Panthor!

The back of the card has a decent bio, at least they mention that he is part of Keldor’s Gar race and talk a lot about his armor and mention the 200X series storyline quite a bit. …nice figure…


Panthor…poor guy, he had so many hate “posts” I thought they wouldn’t produce it–when does a company ever listen to the people buying their product…

Pant 11 1024x680 Matty Script: Apr  Sy Klone And Panthor!

Anyhow, Panthor, Skeletor’s battle cat who he holds in higher regard than his warriors is impressive in such a way that he didn’t need to be flocked…That’s right, Panthor is not flocked, he is the exact mold of Battle Cat with a different paint scheme.
In early 1980 when Panthor came out he had a thin, fuzzy coating that everyone remembers well. In 200X Panthor was also fuzzy with flocking but for some reason the Classics figure is not–there is still no answer as to why, and the fans were mad! When aren’t the fans mad?

Panthors 715x1024 Matty Script: Apr  Sy Klone And Panthor!

Panthor has full articulation in the joints and can fully stand up to Battle Cat in heated combat (and in my world, he’ll win)! the figure is equipped with his classic green saddle with black accents and the same cheesy straps for holding a sword that Battle Cat has–same mold… The extra is a horned helmet that was never created before this figure giving Panthor a new appearance. The helmet is packaged in the back of the box to keep the classic look of Skeletor’s furry friend.

Pant 3 1024x664 Matty Script: Apr  Sy Klone And Panthor!

The back of the large package has an excellent bio on Panthor that really brings him to life, it’s fascinating that both heroic He-Man/Prince Adam and evil Keldor/Skeletor have found these giant cats when they were kittens and that they are both kind and caring towards them–except for the fact that they make them go into battle, not very kind!

Pan 0 672x1024 Matty Script: Apr  Sy Klone And Panthor!

Panthor is a rough looking figure due to the way that he is packaged, mine has a blemish in the paint where it can be seen all of the time. The sweat shop also seems to now be using “strings” to hold him in the box unlike with Battle Cat and that takes away from the packaged presentation.  Other than that nit-picking, Panthor is a great addition to the collection.

GRADE: A (for being Panthor).
A- (for those who are mad that he isn’t flocked).

pixel Matty Script: Apr  Sy Klone And Panthor!

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