Matty-Script: Aug- Man-E-Faces And Megator!

It took 8 months but I finally have a subscription order that made me really happy! In the past I’ve been moderately satisfied with a shipment, but this is different!

ManEFaces1 712x1024 Matty Script: Aug  Man E Faces And Megator!

Man-E-faces is a figure that I have always liked when I was a kid and he is a big deal now–maybe even bigger. Man-E-Faces is a figure best opened however Matty has stated that there wont be anymore reissues of figures from Man-E-Faces on, so plan to see aftermarket prices triple instead of double for the figures that are being released from this point on. The worse part is, I didn’t have the money to pick up a second figure even though it lasted for a few days after the sale before selling out.

This version of Man-E-Faces resembles the art design of the character from the “also available” section on the back of the cards of the 1980’s`. The skin tone was a big deal and apparently there was a poll to choose Caucasian flesh tone or the original orange-ish skin tone/outfit. Flesh tone won and now we have the Man-E-Faces from the art.
Man-E-Faces has a great sculpt and excellent detail even though a lot of his body parts are a rehash of Roboto, Optikk and Trap Jaw–still, he is the character I remember and I feel he is awesome. The head/armor has the knob at the top to spin his many faces from Human, Robot and Monster.

ManEFaces 2 1024x598 Matty Script: Aug  Man E Faces And Megator!

There is a catch though! The head armor is removable and Man-E-Faces comes with another assortment of three faces to put in place of the old standard. (This is where I wish I could open it to show–sorry). The other faces are He-Man, Skeletor and…Orko! Talk about really neat! Man-E-Faces also comes with his orange gun that looks like the original. The Castle Grayskull Weapons Rack came with an assortment of red weapons that were originally part of a 2pk with Skeletor in the 80’s, this was referred to as Man-E-Weapons.

ManEFaces 3 746x1024 Matty Script: Aug  Man E Faces And Megator!

The back of the package has the bio and also available. All in all, Man-E-Faces is one of the best figures to be released in a while because he is too major of a character to take this long to come out when most of his body parts were available for a few years now.

GRADE: A (I’m sure everyone will agree with me on this).

Megator 1 737x1024 Matty Script: Aug  Man E Faces And Megator!

Megator…WOW! No really, WOW! An exclusive to Europe in 1988, Megator was as he is seen in the photo except not as well detailed and with rooted hair. The original had a leg-kicking action and one hell of a package, however this Megator is just awesome as he is. The package is huge as is the figure. Megator has armor that appears to be just as well the same from 1988 and he comes with a very large spiked ball/mace on a long metal chain with a decent hand grip at the other end. The hair is molded plastic but well-detailed and he looks great with green skin as the original had.

Megator 2 1024x882 Matty Script: Aug  Man E Faces And Megator!

What makes this Megator a bit different and the same as the original is the fact that he comes with an alternate head. This head is sculpted to resemble a zombie-like appearance and has….Rooted Hair! Now how cool is that! Read the bio to find out why there is a zombie head.

Megator 3 770x1024 Matty Script: Aug  Man E Faces And Megator!

The back of the very large box has the bio and also available figures and even an extra image of Megator to fill in the extra space.

Megator 4 1024x737 Matty Script: Aug  Man E Faces And Megator!

Megator sits side by side with his arch enemy Tytus the giant warlord. these figures are great to have because they hold a place in Masters of the Universe history and if you look on Ebay these days, both Megator and Tytus go for huge prices which means that collectors want them–or sellers want a lot of money for them.

GRADE: A (He is just that cool)!

This is a great selection for the month of August, it’s nice to have figures that are wanted, not forced and I have a bad feeling that after March next year, there will be a lot of figures not wanted on the 2012 subscription now that Mattel has the rights to the Filmation characters. Although a lot of people seem excited about getting a bunch of no-namers–and that’s great for them, I’m more of a collector of characters that had figures when I was growing up. There are still 34 characters that have not come out yet from the original Masters of the Universe, you’d think at least one of the movie figures would have come out by now; Blade, Gwildor, Saurod, but instead we get Vikor, and The Faceless One. Don’t get me wrong, Vikor is a historically viable character and The Faceless One is pretty cool, however I’d rather have Saurod. Next…Plundar The Spoiler! Yeah! NO. Save the side characters for 2013 and only have the major characters for 2012. More She-Ra, like Entrapa would be nice.

Oh well, the fans have little to no control of what comes out, so as long as I have my Sorceress, Thunder Punch He-Man and at least one more really exceptional figure I’ll be happy–Like Veena, for those who don’t know who Veena is, she is King Grayskull’s wife from the 200X series and the original Sorceress in that story line–great character, sounds like a December 2012 last of the year icing on the cake–that or a movie Skeletor.

pixel Matty Script: Aug  Man E Faces And Megator!

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