Matty-Script: Jul- Clawful!

Clawful is AWFUL!!! …but, He-Man will defeat him and his menacing grip of evil!!!

Clawful 1 753x1024 Matty Script: Jul  Clawful!

What a cool figure for this month. I remember having Clawful when I was young and he was one of the best new–at the time–characters that had come out. Half man, half crustacean, Clawful has a great classic sculpt to the point that he looks just like the original. Clawful’s head is simply one of the most detailed parts on his body but that’s not all, physically, he has full body detail with wavy ridges on his legs and scaly detail on his shoulders. The upper paint scheme of red goes from the top of his head to his upper body and from there come the best details in the form of his “hands.” Clawful’s left (small) pincher is articulated to hold his weapon and the right (large) claw is fully articulated to put pressure on an object such as his weapon or to grab hold of an enemy. The claws are detailed with bumps and the paint leads into his lower arms.
Included with Clawful are a green mace with an altered lower end. Instead of the end being a diamond with a hole in the center it’s solid with five points making it slightly more original than the standard MOTU mace. Also included is a shield which has the appearance of a crabs shell. The shield is a new weapon for Clawful and it’s a pretty good add-on. Clawful’s armor is quite interesting, its made of rubber and not a hard “shell” of plastic with clips holding it in place. The armor has the look of a shell on the front and back and is painted and detailed well for the figure.

Clawful 2 721x1024 Matty Script: Jul  Clawful!

The back of the package features a slew of “also available” and his bio which delves deep into a friendly relationship with Evil-Lyn which I remember from the 200X series where she just as well pities him in his stupidity. The bio goes on to tell how Evil-Lyn made him a bit more intelligent with magic and he led an army of warriors for Skeletor. Whatever makes them happy, the bio’s can either be fun and new or they can re-create the character too much, I’m not complaining about this one.

I feel that in the past I was being too generous with the grades of a lot of these figures. I can say that with Clawful; he deserves a…

GRADE: A for being awesometastic! (Saw this word, thought I’d use it).

So, here’s the run down for the rest of the year courtesy of the SDCC.

Aug: Man-E-Faces and Megator
Sept: Hurricane Hordak and Leech
Oct: Icarus or Flip-Shot from The New Adventures of He-Man (Nice Figure).
Nov: Battle-Ground Evil-Lyn (The best)!
Dec: Demo-Man (Has a cool 1982 comic art Skeletor Head included).

All in all, not the best selection for the entire year of 2011, but decent enough, there are other things as side figures and extras which makes me feel cheated, they are the Windraider which should have come out ONLY for subscribers–that will be sold out in 5 minutes. Then there is “Bubble Power” She-Ra which is pretty nice and should have been the variant, but that’s what I’ve found from Matty Collector, they always make what people really want harder to get.
The 2012 set is WAY better and features some figure that no one cares about as the January figure….I think its The Sorceress or something… Oh wait! The Sorceress is AWESOME!!! That’s why I got the subscription, she is followed by Fisto (not Battle-Fist–duh, what dorkus came up with that!) which looks awesome and then Cobra Khan in March which looks cool too. The Subscribers figure is Shadow Weaver which is OK but The Sorceress should have been the subscribers figure because everyone cares about her and Shadow Weaver is a low-articulation flunky for Hordak. Another few things worth mentioning are the first multi-pack with the Star Sisters from She-Ra, all look OK to me to force the $60.00 price–it better be perfect when it comes–and then this lame-O figure which no one wants called Thunder Punch He-Man…Yeah I know the false negativity is getting old… Thunder Punch He-Man looks so damn cool that I want it now! For some reason the display figure didn’t have the back of the armor, I guess that’s a big surprise. I thought the big surprise is the fact that he won’t fire caps off like the original, such as with Sy-Klone who doesn’t spin like the original. TP He-Man has a fake cap in his shield like the original could hold and a translucent yellow sword (I still have the original yellow sword and the chromed shield, I’ll have to display them with the figure.
Stay tuned for more on MOTU Classics…

pixel Matty Script: Jul  Clawful!

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