Matty-Script: May- Catra!

The “Jealous Beauty” Catra hasn’t been ruining She-Ra’s day since her release in the mid 80’s as an action figure doll with rooted hair. Now in true Mattel form, Catra comes to collectors as a fully articulated and highly detailed action figure.

Catra 1 724x1024 Matty Script: May  Catra!

Catra has a long tail of black hair and a face that is perfectly detailed to be that “Jealous Beauty” that she was born to be. Her outfit is that of the Evil Horde with the trademark red bat at her chest as most of Hordak’s cronies have. Catra comes with a host of accessories including a cartoon style red mask that clips to her head without the use of pegs and a silver cat mask that the action doll came with, this mask also clips without pegs.  The masks are packaged at the bottom of the bubble behind the name portion of the carding. Catra’s cape is removable with the removal of her head and she can defend herself from the Princess of Power with her cat sword complete with jewels and a red and silver paint scheme.  Also included is a comb/whip packaged behind the figure and a cat-faced shield with jewel which is now at the bottom of the package because it fell from the cheap clear plastic strap that supposedly held it in place.  This is a real negative for collectors who leave the figure in the package.  Also I’ll have to complain that the figure was shipped in a bubble mailer and not a box, it had the white mailer box but that is for show, it can’t protect the actual figure package as a brown card board box can.  The figure did survive–mostly…I did have to open it–see below.

Catra 2 757x1024 Matty Script: May  Catra!

The back of the package features the “also available” figures and a bio which features a classic drawing of Catra from the 80’s.
Catra is a nice figure and has a great sculpt especially in the face.  The legs however are odd and have more of a slope leading into the groin, that could be for articulation but it just appears strange.

Catra 0 680x1024 Matty Script: May  Catra!

In the first mini comic that came with She-Ra and the books thereafter, Catra was She-Ra’s main enemy, Hordak was the villain in the cartoon more than in the printed and illustrated stories. Catra is a nice addition to the collection however, she was still available the next day making me wonder why message boards were filled with “we want Catra” posts, it should have sold out the first day if that were the case.

GRADE: B.  (I feel like they are getting cheaper with the figures and the packaging snafu with the shield falling is cheap as far as I’m concerned).

pixel Matty Script: May  Catra!

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