Matty-Script: Oct- Flipshot…Uh…Icarius!

One figure for the month of October, pretty weak because they moved all the good stuff to the last 2 months of the year.

Flipshot 1 687x1024 Matty Script: Oct  Flipshot...Uh...Icarius!

Here we have from the New Adventures of He-Man, Flipshot…::sigh:: Icarius… Thanks to “another” company–NERF– having the copyright to the name Flipshot, Mattel had to rename their character Icarius–Spelled different. Everyone and their uncle knows who Icarius is so I wont go into it.  Icarius is however the European name for the Flipshot character, so in the end, the rename is ok.

Flipshot 0 954x1024 Matty Script: Oct  Flipshot...Uh...Icarius!

Here’s the deal, the figure is very nice and has some great sculpting and accessories. Included are 2 heads, the one attached has a movable visor and the alternate head has a stiff military hairdo and the face of Val Kilmer. Flipshot (live with it) has an awesome rocket pack–wings–that has full details in silver and it attaches to his back with folding wings and removable rockets at the tips of each wing, he also includes an arm mounted set of rockets which are just a single piece–they are removable. The outfit is interesting though; Flipshot uses the standard He-body but has a piece of armor that mostly covers the detail of the stomach articulation and his “loin cloth” is not furry–he is from the New Adventures of He-Man, not a Master of the Universe.

Flipshot 2 767x1024 Matty Script: Oct  Flipshot...Uh...Icarius!

The back of the package has the bio and also available and its just weak. The bio’s are getting more and more pointless, some are good but most are a snooze…

Man, I was feeling bored with a lot of figures throughout the year, but this takes the cake! Like I said, the figure itself is nice, I just have a problem with the name–screw rights, it wasn’t a problem in the New Adventures–did they change his name in the DVD set? I don’t think so–but I could be wrong…probably not.

Flipshot 3 1024x771 Matty Script: Oct  Flipshot...Uh...Icarius!

December has Battle Ground Evil-Lyn and Demo-Man (the concept art of Skeletor, I just want it for the early 80’s Skeletor head–called the Alcala head after the artist).

Just have to remind myself that The Sorceress is in January, that will keep me going.



GRADE: B- or maybe a”C” for not having his given name and the package being damaged from the factory…

pixel Matty Script: Oct  Flipshot...Uh...Icarius!

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