Matty-Script: Jan- Vikor & The Goddess!

The subscription at for 2011 has begun and the first figure subscribers have received is Vikor “The He-Man of the North.”

Vik 1 745x1024 Matty Script: Jan  Vikor & The Goddess!

Vikor is a new creation in figure form and has only existed on paper as one of the original concept designs for the iconic character He-Man.

Vikor resembles…Well, a Viking, complete with helmet, tattered loin-cloth and “fur” cape. This concept art reject also comes equipped with spiked shield, battle axe and a sword which is sheathed in a great position–sideways along his lower back. The final detail’s of the figure are wrist manacles with real metal “broken” chains attached.

Vik 0 664x1024 Matty Script: Jan  Vikor & The Goddess!

The general sculpt of the figure is of very good quality, and the accessories are He-Standard of a sword, shield and axe. The extra accompaniments are nice in their own right and the real metal chain fragments are pretty cool (I take it he was a prisoner of evil, not a prisoner of good–He-Men don’t come from evil).

Vik 2 716x1024 Matty Script: Jan  Vikor & The Goddess!

The back of the package has the usual “also available” which features figures that tie in to Vikor and a bio which tells his story. The picture in the bio is of the concept art.
(I’m glad that they came up with the He-Man we all know and love.

GRADE: B- (For quality, it’s a neat figure but, not all that special).

Goddess 1 729x1024 Matty Script: Jan  Vikor & The Goddess!

Also available in January and NOT part of the subscription was The Goddess “Trainer of He-Man.” The Goddess is unknown to a lot of He-Man fans because she didn’t get much time in the comic books and she wasn’t in the cartoon. “Why is Teela GREEN!?” In 1981 when I was just a bit too young to really enjoy Masters of the Universe the mini comic “He-Man and the Power Sword” was included with the namesake figure. This little book just as well introduced He-Man to the world (That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it)! This book showed the reader the origin of He-Man and introduced “The Goddess.” (OR, as the book stated, she was the Sorceress–pre-falcon, later called The Goddess.

Heman and Goddess 1024x956 Matty Script: Jan  Vikor & The Goddess!

What is cool about the figure and the page from the comic book is the fact that The Goddess comes with the Coradite breastplate hanging off of the battle axe and the shield (all in the same position as the comic page). The Goddess also includes her pike/spear and a Teela Shield. Her snake armor is removable also.

The entire sculpt of The Goddess is that of Teela, however the plastic is translucent green that when back-lit looks as though it’s (she) is glowing which is really cool. The paint applications are very general but, create the figure from the comic page.

Goddess 2 701x1024 Matty Script: Jan  Vikor & The Goddess!

The back of the package has her bio which oddly the “real name” section has an edit in the form of a sticker covering the name “K’yrulla” I guess the Matty morons couldn’t decide on a made up name for The Goddess and got into a slap fight. (I didn’t remove the sticker, I went digging for the info).

The Goddess is a great figure and is one of the original assortment that I’ve wanted for a very long time. This one is not a reissue, it was left over stock for customer service issues so there is no “The Original” star-burst on the front of the package.

A highly recommended figure for those of the really vintage He-Man and the Masters of the Universe world.

GRADE: A (Quality, and cool factor).

pixel Matty Script: Jan  Vikor & The Goddess!

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