McNuggets Or Bust!

chicken mcnuggets McNuggets Or Bust!

Melodi Dushane of Toledo, OH wanted her chicken McNuggets on New Year’s Day.  She went on a rage after she learned that it was too early for McNuggets since it was only 6 a.m.  Dushane got out of her car and started assaulting the McDonald’s employees.  She threw some heavy bombs for a girl that didn’t have much leverage.  She attacked several more employees trying to stop her from coming in.

The McNugget fan then broke the drive thru window when three employees closed it on her. Dushane threw an empty bottle and threw an awesome right that would make Rocky proud.

For her wild antics, she got rewarded with 60 days in jail, 3 years in probation and fined $1,500 for breaking the drive thru window. I’m telling you, McDonald’s must put some crazy ass drug in their nuggets because this girl also freaked out when she couldn’t get it:

0 McNuggets Or Bust!
pixel McNuggets Or Bust!

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