Megamind review

DreamWorks` animated film Megamind has been released (Feb. 25) on DVD and Blu-Ray. It`s an intriguing take on the dynamics of superhero/villain relations, told from the point of view of titular character Megamind ( voiced amusingly by Will Ferrell).  He and his superhero rival Meto Man (Brad Pitt)  are sent to Earth as infants (one of the movie`s many satiric nods to the Superman legend), but it works out differently for them: Metro Man is taken in by a well-to-do family, Megamind by a group of affectionate cons in a prison.  They attend the same school for”gifted kids” and become fast enemies, growing up to become the resident evil genius and beloved superhero of Metro City. Though he acts frustrated, Megamind is often happy in his villainous role-until it appears that he`s accidentally killed Metro Man!

The rest of the movie shows how he  comes to terms with this unexpected development, and  it raises some valid questions.  After all, what is a villain without a hero to battle? Some of this is reminiscent of the Brave and the Bold episode in which the Joker is shown a bleak, fun-drained world without Batman. Megamind`s solution is to create another hero. With the aid of some of Metro Man`s DNA, he endows frumpy cameraman Hal with super powers. Chaos ensues when the opportunistic Hal decides to use his powers for evil, forcing Meg. and feisty TV reporter Roxanne (Tina Fey) to join forces against him.

In general, this is a fun and witty film.  Though he lacks the refreshing cynicism of Despicable Me`s Mr.  Gru, Megamind is an appealing character nonetheless.  He`s unfailingly optimistic (“as the years went by, we had many battles-Metro Man won some, and I…almost won”) and comes up with some nifty inventions ( his invisible car. a force-field to protect him in a dodgeball game). The action keeps moving , culminating in the deftly choreographed  battle against Hal.  Unlike a lot of animation  targeted toward kids, there are some unexpected plot twists, making Megamind a neat blend of action, humor, and romance.

DVD extras basically include commentary and a Meet the Cast feature.  The Blu-Ray is jam-packed with features, including outtakes, a segment on the voice cast, audio commentary, and  bonus cartoon “The Button of Doom,” in which Megamind has to defend Metro City from one of  his own robots.  Megamind is yet another gem to enjoy from last year, as 2010 was a banner year for animation fans(and fanatics like myself).

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