Review: Minime Plushie

mini2 Review: Minime Plushie

I got this Minime plushie for review.  At first it’s weird because I saw my 3d face in  Doraemon’s body.  The nose stands out because it’s fully pointing out and gives the illusion that it’s more than a 2d picture.  I find it cute and funny.  I showed it to family and friends afterwards and they couldn’t stop admiring how cool and hilarious it was.  Most asked how it’s done so I had to tell them the tedious but quick process.  First, they take a picture of your face.  They crop it and make sure it’ll fit the size of your character.

mini4 Review: Minime Plushie
Size comparison compared to other collectibles.

You can choose from really really small ones to regular sized teddy bears.  Then the picture is placed into a machine.  This is the most tedious process and it takes skills and patience getting it right.  It gets pressed in a sphere looking device that resembles something from a Mission Impossible movie to give depth to the picture.  Then it’s placed on your chosen character.

mini3 Review: Minime Plushie
The crew behind the innovative product

There are plenty of characters to choose from including Hello Kitty, Tigger and colorful animals such as a frog or a bumble bee.  The quality of the plush toys is great.  The texture is smooth and a bit fuzzy while it’s soft enough for any kid to hug and squeeze.  These toys are affordable and range from $10 – $40, depending on the size.  The plushie can also be displayed inside cars because it has suction cups.  A very nice touch. This would be a great gift for any occasions including birthdays, graduations and anniversaries.

I highly recommend these cool plushies because it’s unique and it makes everyone smile!

You can order it through there website or catch them at the Orange County Market Place in Costa Mesa and save on shipping.

Grade: A

mini Review: Minime Plushie


pixel Review: Minime Plushie

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