MLB Star, Jose Canseco Fights MMA In Japan

jose MLB Star, Jose Canseco Fights MMA In Japan

Unlike MMA in the U.S. where fights are sanctioned (weight divisions, roid tests), Japan lets MMA organizations run it by themselves.  That means, roid tests aren’t required and a 180 lb guy can fight a 350 lb fighter.  Pretty much, anything goes.  Some fighters don’t even know who they’re fighting until the day before the event. 

Dreams 9 happened last night and this was a crazy freakshow.  They’re starting a tournament called “Super Hulk”, where they pitted smaller fighters against the bigger ones.  Here are the highlights:

Jose Canseco vs. Hong Man Choi – That’s right, the baseball player who wrote about roids in MLB fought his first MMA fight against the Korean giant, Hong Man Choi.  It was a funny match as Canseco was running away from Choi the whole time.  I can’t really blame, Canseco.  He has no MMA background and fought a way larger skilled opponent.  After almost injuring his leg from too much running, he slipped and fell to the mat where the Korean giant put a nice beatdown.  Choi could have hit him harder but I’m sure he felt sorry for the baseball star.

Thierry Sokodjou vs. Giant Nortje –  Sokodjou looked juiced up and tried to go for early takedowns.  Nortje kept grabbing the ropes to avoid the takedowns.   After a while, Sokodjou gets the takedown and starts wailing on the Giant.  The ref starts the fight because Nortje was taking too much punches.  This is where it gets interesting, Sokoudjou continues punching Nortje really hard a couple more times before he finally stops.  I guess Sokodjou was still on roid rage.  This shouldn’t happen in MMA.  Afterwards, a brawl was about to ensue between the two fighter’s camp.  Ray Sefo, a K-1 legend, was cornerning Giant and looked really pissed.  I hope he fights Sokodjou in the future and knocks him out.

Gegard Mousasi vs. Mark Hunt – Our fellow nerd, Mousasi decides to fight a heavyweight fighter in K-1 champ, Mark Hunt.  I have to give it to Mousasi, he’s not afraid to lose and wants the challenge.  Before this fight, he fought at 185, now his opponent is 260.  Mousasi submits Hunt easily and even scored a punch to Hunt’s face when they were on their feet.  Yay for the NERD!

Bob Sapp vs. Ikuhisa “Punk” Minowa – Who doesn’t love Bob Sapp? The cuddly bear who flinches when getting punched in the face…so cute.  This fight looked like a work because the 185 lb. Minowa got Sapp in an ankle lock.  If this wasn’t a work, Sapp really sucks and I’ve seen him fight in MMA before and he’s not that oblivious to submissions.  Dammit Sapp, stop taking fixed fights, you’re too good for that.

The finals for the Super Hulk tournament will probably be in the next event, Dreams 10. 

Other fights worth mentioning from Dreams 9:

Kid Yamamato who is considered one of the top P4p fighters in the world lost to a fighter with a 1-0 record, Joe Warren.  This is what usually happens in Japan when they feed top fighters cans, a BIG ASS upset. 

MTV Bully Beatdown host, Jason “Mayhem” Miller fought Jacare to a no contest for the vacant Middleweight Belt (our hero Mousasi left the belt because he wants to fight in the heavies).  There was shit talking going on after the fight because Miller illegally kicked Jacare in the face and this resulted to the no contest. 

Even though I hate freakshow fights, I enjoyed this event. 

There was comedy, bad blood, an upset and a roided baseball player getting beat up.

pixel MLB Star, Jose Canseco Fights MMA In Japan

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