MMA Predictions: STRIKEFORCE – Daley vs. Diaz

strikeforce diaz daley MMA Predictions: STRIKEFORCE   Daley vs. Diaz
Saturday, Apr. 9th @ 10p on Showtime.

Paul Daley vs. Nick Diaz – Nick Diaz is crazy, but I don’t think he’ll stand with Daley. I see Diaz standing for the first couple of minutes, then go for the takedown. If that fails, he will settle for the clinch. Daley will go for the KO, hard call there. The question is can he sprawl and move away from Diaz everytime Diaz closes the gap. Diaz is very versatile, even if he gets hit, he probably will not go down. As usual, Diaz will tire Daley out, and finish him with a submission.
Diaz via Triangle – Rd. 3

Gilbert Melendez vs. Tatsuya Kawajiri – Two fighters with the same style. I usually dislike matches like these as they end up neutralizing each other causing for a slow fight. But, both fighters are very dynamic, and are willing to work on improving their positions. Last I heard, Kawajiri didn’t train in a cage for this match. Bad mistake. Melendez is an expert at using the cage to his advantage. This should be a good back and forth matchup with both fighters trying for takedowns. Melendez will come out on top.
Melendez via UD

Gegard Mousasi vs. Keith Jardine – Jardine gets a two-week notice for this fight. Mousasi has been training for the heavy hitter in Mike Kyle, so changing opponents to Jardine last minute shouldn’t be a problem for Mousasi. Jardine likes to brawl, which is perfect for Mousasi’s kickboxing style. Mousasi will take Jardine apart in the stand-up, then take him down, and throw punches on the ground for a TKO.
Mousasi via TKO – Rd. 1

Shinya Aoki vs. Lyle Beerbohm – Aoki is no easy feat, but Beerbohm has an impressive record of 16-1. I really believe that Aoki will have a hard time adopting to the cage and the unified rules, which means no rainbow pants. I also believe that wearing the rainbow pants really helped him with his wins back in Japan, it’s less slippery. Now, he can pull a Sotiropolous and wear long knee pads, and ankle bands to emulate the magic pants he desperately needs. I pick Beerbohm to take Aoki down, pin him against the cage, and pressure him the way Melendez did.
Beerbohm via SD.

pixel MMA Predictions: STRIKEFORCE   Daley vs. Diaz

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