MMA: UFC 91 – Lesnar vs. Couture – Predictions

 ufc91poster MMA: UFC 91   Lesnar vs. Couture   Predictions
Lesnar, what is that on your chest pointing towards your mouth?

I’m excited about this event. The overall card is okay, but the main event is going to be spectacular. Here are my predictions for the televised fights.

Randy Couture vs. Brock Lesnar – This fight will be explosive, at least in the first round. Lesnar fights like a bull, while Couture is always the tactician. Although, Lesnar defeated Heath Herring in a convincing fashion, he’s till considered unproven in MMA with a record of 2-1. Coutures has been fighting in the UFC since the blackout days when the UFC wasn’t allowed on PPV. Now, Couture is older, but most fans have come to learn that you never bet against the “old man.”
Prediction – Lesnar will try to overpower Couture and try to finish him early, but Couture will weather the storm and finish Lesnar with a rear-naked-choke.

Kenny Florian vs. Joe Stevenson – Both came from the Ultimate Fighter television show. This fight should be interesting, as both fighters are very experienced on the ground. Although, Florian has been working on his muay thai for years now, it didn’t show in his last fight. Stevenson is a strong wrestler with a big heart. He’ll keep fighting until the end.
Prediction – Although Florian is a BJJ expert, he doesn’t always submit his opponents. So, Stevenson will win via control on the ground.

Amir Sadollah vs. Nick Catone – I don’t know who Catone is but Sadollah was the Ultimate Fighter winner. He came to the show as a striker, but ended up submitting his opponents. He’s a well-rounded fighter and entertaining to watch, so he’s got a future in the UFC.
Prediction – Catone is getting fed to the wolves. The UFC wants to build Sadollah, so they pair him with a newcomer. I think that Sadollah will showcase his stand-up in this fight. Sadollah wins by KO.
Update – This fight has been cancelled due to a leg infection from Sadollah. The UFC tried to find a replacement but with no luck. This fight will be replaced by Dustin Hazelett and Tamdan McCrory. I don’t know both fighters so I’m not going to try to predict.

Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Josh Hendricks – Gonzaga was going to be the UFCs next star, instead he buckles under pressure and quits early in his fights. Although, he became well-known when he KOd Crocop with a high-kick. However, he underperformed in his next 2 fights against Couture and Werdrum.  Hendricks has a good record of 18-4 but none of his wins are against notable fighters.
Prediction – Gonzaga wins via submission (armbar). Hendricks does not have the high-calibre experience to beat Gonzaga.

Nate Quarry vs. Demian Maia – Quarry’s last fight was with the infamous Kaleb Starnes. Starnes did nothing in that fight but run around for 3 rounds. Quarry became frustrated and started mocking Starnes late in the 3rd. That was the highlight of the fight. Although, it wasn’t Quarry’s fault that Starnes became a marathon runner, people will still remember him as part of that debacle. Maia is somewhat of a newcomer, he’s been impressing his way to the top. Maia defeated Jason Mcdonald and Ed Herman in his last 2 outings. Anybody that can embarass Herman is good in my book. That was fun to watch. Maia is 8-0 in his young career. It’s always a good sign when a fighter has only 8 wins but against notable and more experienced fighters.
Prediction – Maia will surprise Quarry with his stand-up. He will knock Quarry down, and finish him off on the ground with a Rear-Naked-Choke.

pixel MMA: UFC 91   Lesnar vs. Couture   Predictions

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