DVD Review: Modern Family: The Complete First Season

Modern Family1 DVD Review: Modern Family: The Complete First Season

Everyone knows that creating a new sitcom that is actually funny is one of the hardest tasks in television. Sitcoms have been on decline for years with their laugh track banality and lame sex gags that wouldn’t pass muster on a direct to DVD American Pie sequel. All that changed last year with Modern Family. Impeccably acted, shot, and written, Modern Family quickly established itself as the funniest comedy on television. All 24 episodes from season one are included in this set along with a generous helping of extras.

Modern Family is a pitch-perfect sitcom done in the style of a Chris Guest “mockumentary” with terrific performances from its talented cast. It’s hard to single out any cast members as stand-out since the whole ensemble is so good but Ed O Neil is particularly good as Jay Pritchett, a wealthy guy living with a gorgeous wife and her hilarious son Manny. Ty Burrell is also very funny as a doofus hipster who longs to be “down with the kids”. Mitchell and Cameron are gay partners raising a baby they’ve adopted. Both actors do especially good work here, neither totally side-stepping nor embracing stereotypes. They can be over the top, but there’s a rare humanity to them and their relationship is as refreshing as any couple on television.

Modern Family has featurettes, deleted and extended scenes, interviews and a gag reel. The extras are a lot of fun and like the show itself, all are very worthwhile. Modern Family is a must-buy for fans of the series and newbies should also purchase it.  You can get it cheapest on Amazon and get free shipping.  Season 2 is airing right now on ABC, this box set makes a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys great comedic television.

Grade: A-

pixel DVD Review: Modern Family: The Complete First Season

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