Monster Brawl: Let’s get ready to grumble!

monsterbrawlteaserart crop crop1 Monster Brawl:  Lets get ready to grumble!  Set in a make-shift wrestling ring in a graveyard, Monster Brawl is a mock-documentary about a fight club for monsters which is currently in production.  Some of the contenders will include zombies, werewolves, Frankenstein, and Dracula and the action will culminate in a blow-out match for Pay-Per-View.  Almost sounds surreal, right?  Frankenstein fighting Dracula is kinda like an old-skool version of Jason Voorhees vs. Freddy Krueger.

Cast list includes one of my favorite comedians from Kids in the Hall Dave Foley, Lance Henriksen (who played the android Bishop in Aliens), Wrestling manager the “Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart, former WCW Heavyweight Champion Kevin Nash (who also played the Russian in The Punisher) and some figures from MMA.  Foresight Features and Anchor Bay Entertainment is said to be backing the project and at the helm are film makers Jesse Cook and John Geddes (the guys who wrote and directed the snow-boarding/horror film Scarce).  Monster Brawl is currently filming in Ontario and will wrap at the end of August.  No release date has been announced.

pixel Monster Brawl:  Lets get ready to grumble!

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