Monster Jam In Philly!

Here’s a new one and although it’s not “nerd-related” it’s damn cool!

MJ3 Monster Jam In Philly!

The Philadelphia Monster Jam (for those who don’t know what that is, it’s a Monster Truck show) was just awesome, it was my first time in the Eagles football stadium called Lincoln Financial Field and it’s huge! Everything went very smoothly for such a big crowd of people, the seats were great and very close to the field. So close, that poor Captain’s Curse was almost in my face after it became part of the obstacle course. I took two photos with my lame ancient phone for memories, I do regret not bringing my digital camera with, but that’s OK.
Some stats from the show are: Grave Digger Legend won the racing and Grave Digger won the freestyle…although I feel that Maximum Destruction should have won that, many flips and spins far outweighs not filling the time clock! There was also an ATV race where Team Philly beat Team Baltimore–it must have been totally staged but it was fun, I know that I enjoyed when the team captain of Team Baltimore had a hissy-fit like a wrestler, it was hilarious! Next week, Team Philly will be Team St. Louis…? For me it was a lot of laughs and excitement, it was great to see one of these shows live after spending years watching it on TV. This show was recorded for the Speed Channel so I’m going to try to find it to see what it looked liked on camera–I’m there live so why watch the big screens…that had commercials between acts…can’t escape commercials…
The only disappointment I had was that none of my top four favorites were there which are Scarlet Bandit, Bounty Hunter, Batman and Superman (there I just made it “nerd-related”). However, regardless of that I had a great time and even after paying a ton for an over-priced giant pretzel and Snapple pink lemonade it was worth walking out of there with dirt between my teeth and the smell of burning fireworks on me (I can still smell it)!

MJ1 1024x547 Monster Jam In Philly!

I picked up some fun souvenirs in the form of a Hot Wheels Maximum Destruction truck which features a great paint job that matches the real thing. I also picked up a K’nex Max-D which comes with a LEGO-style Tom Meents to drive it. Speaking of Tom Meents, he came up into the stands after turning over and was right next to me, what a cool guy to come meet the fans, he was always my favorite when it came down to fan favorite Grave Digger or Maximum Destruction.

MJ2 1024x597 Monster Jam In Philly!

It was an amazing time and I recommend going when and if they come to your town.

Two Thumbs Up!

pixel Monster Jam In Philly!

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