Totally Bitch’in Toy: Grizzlor!’s featured figure of the month of November is Grizzlor! The ferocious figure with fur is back with actual brown fur over a highly detailed and articulated body.

Griz1 706x1024 Totally Bitchin Toy: Grizzlor!

Grizzlor comes complete with an arsenal of weapons not offered with the figure before. Including his classic Horde body armor and a new tribal-like loin cloth; Grizzlor also includes an array of weapons. The standard Horde crossbow is just the beginning, this furry bastard comes with a machete, sword and ax. His weapons can then be mounted to the back of his armor to keep it all together.

Griz3 768x1024 Totally Bitchin Toy: Grizzlor!

The figure I received was set into the package with his head hair up in what made him look like an eraser-head/Kid and Play reject from the 1990’s, it was hilarious! “Griz” is not so tough looking after all!

What Mattel should have included with Grizzlor is a comb, he has more hair than a doll and frizzing him out just makes him look like a slob! A new owner of Grizzlor should also get some barrettes and bows to gussy him up for a night on the town with Hordak–the two of them can choose from She-Ra, Adora, Teela or Evil-Lyn!  One of those ladies will think Grizzlor is sty’lin and profi’lin!

Jokes aside: I had Grizzlor when I was a kid and I have to say that this figure is impressive and really cool. As the years went on with the He-Man toy line, they broke away from the standard build to include interesting extras in the form of just about all of the Horde figures. These extras included Buzzsaw Hordak who had a double edged saw blade that fired from his chest. Leech, who could stick to most flat surfaces with suction cups and Modulok and Multi-bot who could be built in many different ways with a multitude of arms, legs and body sections, the 2 (or 4 as the case was) could even be combined into something wild!

Griz2 693x1024 Totally Bitchin Toy: Grizzlor!

Grizzlor was the figure of the month, he was the one everyone and their uncle wanted and I guess after sitting on Matty for a half hour with the page reloading itself, I got what I wanted for my patience. Of course, at the same time, it was all edge of your seat waiting for the order to go through.

Also sold that day were King Grayskull and a Weapons Pak, these items were still available in the evening, but sold through. Grizzlor was sold out quickly and I can see why. I originally wanted just King Grayskull, but the multiple item order page made it possible for me to get everything I wanted in one shot.

I highly recommend fans of Masters of the Universe Classic’s getting their hands on a Grizzlor figure, it’s totally bitch’in and worth the aftermarket price…


pixel Totally Bitchin Toy: Grizzlor!

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