MOTUC 200X Special Subscription: King Chooblah!

In this, the third figure of the 200X subscription from Crappy Collector, we are given a big white fur ball with a moldy, defective, Slim Jim—OR—King Chooblah of the one episode of the 200X cartoon.

KC1 MOTUC 200X Special Subscription: King Chooblah!

The King comes packaged like all the rest.

KC2 MOTUC 200X Special Subscription: King Chooblah!

The back of the card has a bio that veered so far off from the cartoon that as usual, I just don’t care.

KC3 MOTUC 200X Special Subscription: King Chooblah!

The king has an amazing sculpt as with the previous 200X figures, and features some parts from Beast Man, Stratos and Zodac. A new head with great detail, new arms and large hands; and cool lower legs that are reversed to give him a real animal stance are just part of the sculpting of this interesting figure. The bottoms of his feet are even detailed.

KC4 MOTUC 200X Special Subscription: King Chooblah!

The fur, which is actually armor; features some neck jewelry and gives a hunched over pose which has been used on multiple figures in the past; and for some reason it comes out very well done.

There is not much to say about the figure except that his staff looks like a defective and moldy Slim Jim—it does fit well in his right hand though.

In the 200X cartoon, the story was that Stratos and Trap Jaw end up in his kingdom and Trap Jaw wants to steal some metal. This episode was about earning ones trust…so; here is my take in reverse.

KC5 MOTUC 200X Special Subscription: King Chooblah!

As the King meets with his unwanted guests, they both beg for the chance to be considered as a friend. Stratos makes a claim that Trap Jaw is one of Skeletor’s warriors and Trap Jaw makes his own claim that the flying monkey can’t be trusted.

KC6 MOTUC 200X Special Subscription: King Chooblah!

“Now why should I believe you?” The King says to Trap Jaw, “You’re name has the word ‘TRAP’ in it, so it makes me wonder if you are setting me up for a fall…and then the flying monkey—Stratos, you have nothing more than a rocket pack, so that means you are from a poor village…whereas Trap Jaw has mechanical technology, so he can afford anything…I wonder…”

KC7 MOTUC 200X Special Subscription: King Chooblah!

Trap Jaw gets offended saying how he lost his arm and most of his face in the first Great War and that he is a war hero and should be treated as such. Stratos tries to convince the King that Trap Jaw is lying, but to no avail as the King pounces as fast as a Morlock on him, taking him down and putting him out. This gives Trap Jaw the chance to arm himself with his Lasertron and wait for the King to put down his defenses or just shoot him in the back.

KC8 MOTUC 200X Special Subscription: King Chooblah!

When the king turns around to befriend Trap Jaw, the metal Jawed man fires his Lasertron and takes Chooblah down with one shot, leaving him with Stratos whom he foolishly did not believe.

KC9 MOTUC 200X Special Subscription: King Chooblah!

In the prison, Trap Jaw makes his point by sitting on Chooblah as Stratos tries to crawl to assist the King—after all, it is Stratos who is a hero.
Trap Jaw says, “You really should judge a book by its cover first and then if you feel like it, learn about it and maybe, just maybe, the book will actually be good—welcome to the real world, to society, you spent too much time in this place and it made you lack knowledge of the real world—the worse thing you can do!” Trap Jaw laughs as he makes his way out of the prison leaving Chooblah and Stratos to their own devices.

KC10 MOTUC 200X Special Subscription: King Chooblah!

Standing atop the prison, Trap Jaw basks in the glory of possessing the moldy, defective Slim Jim, the symbol of the King’s empire.

KC11 MOTUC 200X Special Subscription: King Chooblah!

With Trap Jaw above them, Stratos crawls to the former king and they talk of great wisdom…”He is right, you should always judge a book by its cover, he fooled me and I believed him even though I knew not to trust him just by his appearance and name. I am sorry friend Stratos, I made a grave mistake,” Chooblah says solemnly.
“It doesn’t matter…we were screwed from the beginning, besides, He-Man will come and rescue us, it should just take a few minutes and Skeletor and his forces will run off like cowards,” Stratos says with pride.
“I hope so, I really, really, hope so…” Chooblah replies.

The moral of the story…ALWAYS judge a book by its cover!!! A flying monkey might be evil, they were in the Wizard of OZ, and possibly someone with ‘Trap’ in their name; they are probably evil too. If someone isn’t clean cut, then they can never be trusted!


King Chooblah gets a…

GRADE: A (The detail is exceptional and the new sculpts are perfect for such a character)

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pixel MOTUC 200X Special Subscription: King Chooblah!

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