MOTUC: 2015; April- Angella!

April is the month for angels. That’s not really true. I’m just actually thrilled that Angella was released in the Masters of the Universe Classics line after all these years! That’s right folks, the Queen of Brightmoon is here and with her release, fans now have the entire first series of vintage She-Ra figures in Classics forms!

IMG 4259 MOTUC: 2015; April  Angella!

Angella fits nicely in the standard MOTUC packaging. She looks beyond cool with her wings and stance in pack. It makes me question my motives for removing her, but come on now, she is totally getting out of her bubble.

IMG 4261 MOTUC: 2015; April  Angella!

Flipped around the card shows a nice lineup of PoP characters in the MOTUC line. She-Ra fans have had to wait a long time for these figures and now they are finally starting to fill in the ranks for collectors everywhere.

IMG 4265 MOTUC: 2015; April  Angella!

Her bio is a bit interesting. I think there is a typo as it mentions Angella being queen to one of Eternia’s kingdoms, but I think they meant to say Etheria. Unless the bios have created a whole new twist to the tale and Angella and Brightmoon are actually on Eternia. However I think it is just a typo because towards the end of the bio Etheria is used. Oh well, it doesn’t matter. I don’t collect these figures for the bio, I collect them for the plastic goodness within!

IMG 4266 e1429684869479 MOTUC: 2015; April  Angella!

Out of package Angella is so impressive. Her sculpt has some improvements. Female figures before with the sculpted one piece outfit had a bulky diaper look at the crotch, but this issue has been fixed for a smoother look. Angella’s wings are very much like that of the wing sculpts from Mattel’s DC Universe line with someone like Hawkgirl or other winged characters. She also takes a page from her appearance in the Filmation cartoon. This Angella looks nothing like the vintage toy at all, which I have mixed feelings about. However I appreciate both versions of the character and do like the overall look of this figure.

IMG 4267 MOTUC: 2015; April  Angella!

Her face sculpt is very stunning. In person her left eye looks like it is squinting compared to the other eye, but in pictures it does not look so bad. Above her head is a halo-like piece that is a nod to how the vintage toy looked. The round halo piece on the vintage toy, when pulled up, allowed her wings to flap. This new figure does not have that action feature, but it is nice to include that design element.

IMG 4268 MOTUC: 2015; April  Angella!

The wings do span outward, which is so awesome. I love that there is plenty of potential for poses and various looks with this figure. Also, with so much going on with the wing span, none of it hinders the figure from standing up on her own.

IMG 4269 MOTUC: 2015; April  Angella!

Flipped around we can see the back of the figure and how her wings look. The construction of the wings is very fun. They can be pushed back and close to each other and they can swivel as a whole as well. It is difficult to capture this in photos and words. A video demonstration would be perfect to describe what I am experiencing with this figure, however I do not have that as an option at this time. Trust me though, there is a lot of detail with this figure.

IMG 4271 MOTUC: 2015; April  Angella!

With so much space for the wings not much else is included with Angella. She comes with a standard sword and the halo piece can be removed from the figure. The sword is a repaint that has been released with Queen Marlena and Flutterina respectively.

IMG 4274 e1429685211270 MOTUC: 2015; April  Angella!

I am glad they issued a sword with the figure. While I would have liked a shield, there was no shield with the original so giving her a sword really makes her a tough fighting queen charged to protect her kingdom.

IMG 4273 MOTUC: 2015; April  Angella!

While I have a more nostalgic sweet spot for the look of the vintage toy, I do like how a MOTUC Angella turned out. She has the look of a regal woman but with a dash of adventure. She looks as if she could hold her own in a battle against the Horde. I also really enjoy the colors used for this figure. They are bright and pretty, which I am glad Mattel has continued to do with their PoP figures. The bright colors on these women could be dull and muted, but most of them have been given a lot of color. I really appreciate this.

IMG 4275 MOTUC: 2015; April  Angella!

Now we have the entire gang from the first wave of vintage She-Ra toys in a new updated Classics form. I have been waiting for years to take this picture. It is a tribute to the original card back from the first wave of She-Ra toys. I am so happy that She-Ra fans now have the figures to the first wave all ready to go. Now all we need is to complete the rest of the second wave of vintage PoP toys and we will then have the ultimate Classics She-Ra lineup ever.

Grade: A (While the squint in her eye is a bit off-putting at first, and I do rather enjoy the vintage look of Angella, I think this Classics version is a stunning Filmation styled figure with a nice nod to the vintage toy. Either way it’s nice to finally have Glimmer’s mother. Great figure and I highly encourage everyone to pick her up, even if you aren’t much for She-Ra!)

pixel MOTUC: 2015; April  Angella!

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