MOTUC: 2015; Feb {Part 1}-Ninjor!

It’s a dream come true, a great set of figures for the month of February—enough so, that January’s Lizard Man is a thing of the past.

In this; part 1; we have Ninja Warrior…huh? Are you telling me that Mattel lost the rights to the name Ninjor? Not so powerful of a company are you?

Anyhow, I think I found a new favorite Classics figure—not the number 1, but up there with cool ones like Stinkor and Trap Jaw.

Ninjor 1 MOTUC: 2015; Feb {Part 1} Ninjor!

Ninjor is packaged as usual.

Ninjor 2 MOTUC: 2015; Feb {Part 1} Ninjor!

The back of the box has a load of bull shit in the bio section.

Ninjor 3 MOTUC: 2015; Feb {Part 1} Ninjor!

Out of the package he comes with everything but the kitchen sink, kind of like Man-At-Arms.

Ninjor 4 MOTUC: 2015; Feb {Part 1} Ninjor!

So, Ninjor is pretty pissed off at his so-called name, so he does a bit of remodeling.

Ninjor 5 MOTUC: 2015; Feb {Part 1} Ninjor!

Ah! That is better, how hard was that! Ninjor is his name-o.

Ninjor 6 MOTUC: 2015; Feb {Part 1} Ninjor!

The original figure had a cloth outfit and mask that was removable, now he can just swap heads. What makes him cool is that he is human but, has the pointy feet like Skeletor, and that makes him bad-ass. The Katana he comes with makes him even cooler.

Ninjor 8 MOTUC: 2015; Feb {Part 1} Ninjor!

Nunchucks are included, the chain is rubber, but that makes it easier to deal with.

Ninjor 9 MOTUC: 2015; Feb {Part 1} Ninjor!

Now…isn’t this bow and arrow familiar—well, at least to my generation, it came with him originally and also with Eternia—the HUGE play-set at the end of the line. Ninjor’s left hand is slightly open enough to give the look of drawing the bow, but still allows him to hold most weapons.

Ninjor 7 MOTUC: 2015; Feb {Part 1} Ninjor!

All right, so the bio says that he works for Horde Prime and spies on Skeletor, to find out his weakness…HA, HA, HA!!! Stupid… So, let’s test this theory.

I will now steal the styling of Miss M to get my point across…

{Remember, racism is important here}!

Ninjor 11 MOTUC: 2015; Feb {Part 1} Ninjor!

Ninjor: Ah ha! I back boss with news of Skeletor.

Horde Prime: Before I go on vacation to Hawaii, tell me what you have learned Ninja Warrior.

Ninjor: What the fuck you over-sized red Hordak, my name is Ninjor and I’m not Speed Racer…oh shit, what is she doing here?

Ninjor 12 MOTUC: 2015; Feb {Part 1} Ninjor!

Evil-Lyn: So, Ninjor, you had an appointment with this loser and he wants you to be stereotypical? You’re lucky that you don’t have yellow skin.

Ninjor: Isn’t that the truth, some piece of shit at Mattel in the 80’s must have thought they were being really funny with you—a hatred for women perhaps, the yellow skinned Asian female is the evil one…sucky fucky, me love you long time…right?

Evil-Lyn: Something like that…so what about Horde Prime? You think he has what it takes to defeat Skeletor…I was there when “Come Get Me Bitch” Skeletor cut him to ribbons; now what, he thinks he is going to get info from you? What side does he think you’re on? You, Me and Jitsu are like the fucking Yakuza…

Ninjor: Triad actually…I think?

Evil-Lyn: It doesn’t matter now does it. We do have this loser here to contend with right?

Horde Prime: Uh…I’m standing right here…in the back…right behind you…and I want to go to Hawaii…

Ninjor 13 MOTUC: 2015; Feb {Part 1} Ninjor!

Skeletor: Ninjor, Evil-Lyn, you traitors! I will gently torture you both and get some laughs from the kiddies in front of their TV sets—heh, heh, heh!

Ninjor: Eh, Skeletor, we kind of already dealt with this, it seems the info on my bio card was all wrong as always…oh, except the last line; no one is ever against you; but this tall loser is looking to find a way to defeat you.

Evil-Lyn: That’s right Skeletor; it is only you who is accepting of those that are different from others…if you didn’t kill Lizard Man in Jan 2015, he would have probably joined us too.

Skeletor: He didn’t have weapons of his own, no dice!

Ninjor: So, let’s say we do this, eh boss?

Skeletor: I do, I thought that I took this waste of plastic out a long time ago?

Evil-Lyn: No, that was “Come Get Me Bitch” Skeletor, you are “Perfect, Ultimate Alcala” Skeletor; you finish what you start.

Skeletor: Not “Dragon Blaster” or “Battle Armor” Skeletor?

Ninjor: That’s right; it is this version of you that needs to make it happen.

Skeletor: I see…

Ninjor 15 MOTUC: 2015; Feb {Part 1} Ninjor!

Evil-Lyn: The cape looks good on you Skeletor.

Ninjor: It does, but let’s be realistic, I don’t think capes suit you; especially with Horde markings.

Skeletor: You have a point there.


Ninjor 16 MOTUC: 2015; Feb {Part 1} Ninjor!

Ninjor: Man, that is a lot of fucking blood…nasty…I like it! Teamwork!

Skeletor: This sword is amazing, the “Dark” Power Sword, just like in the old days, only better. Cut a hole the size of Honolulu into Bored Prime like a volcano going off inside his chest!

Evil-Lyn: You know, even if you were never Keldor and came from another planet, I still like you Skeletor…you know…in THAT way…

Skeletor: Oh….sorry Evil-Lyn…I like Teela…

Ninjor 17 MOTUC: 2015; Feb {Part 1} Ninjor!

A cool combination, Ninjor is truly awesome, I have never been more satisfied with a figure…oh right, the sculpt is great, the joints are tight, he holds his weapons nice and the paint application is well done. Oddly though, his foot holes are larger than usual, so the stands don’t really work well with him, but he stands on his own fine. Good job Mattel, I love him—no, NOT in THAT way…duhhhhhhhhhhhh! Open your Ninjor today, keeping him boxed is a waste!

GRADE: A+ (Yeah! A+, he is that cool and well made)!

In part 2, we will look at the 200X Snake Armor He-Man and King Hssss 2 pack; it is surprising that they finally got a 2 pack right—read on to find out why.


pixel MOTUC: 2015; Feb {Part 1} Ninjor!

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