MOTUC: 2015; Jan-Lizard Man!

The claim from Mattel is that the line of Masters of the Universe Classics action figures is coming to an end this year—that can always change. So, until that happens, I and Miss M will call it “The End”.

UPDATE:  Oops! we were lied to, there is a 2016 line coming, it was just a way to get sales, so Management was canned for false advertising and breaking the law–I hope they suffer for it, it will make up for all the people they screwed; if you don’t agree–blow me!

For the month of Jan we have a long lost Filmation character called Lizard Man. He didn’t get much screen time and never made it into an action figure in the 80’s, but what the hell, why not make him now.

Lizard man comes packaged as you see in the brown (recyclable) mailer box and on the usual card.

Liz 1 MOTUC: 2015; Jan Lizard Man!

The back of the box has an also available and his bio which is what it is; there are cartoon ideas in there, so it can’t be all that bad.

Liz 2 MOTUC: 2015; Jan Lizard Man!

Out of the box, Lizard Man comes with nothing, no accessories? Then what is the little thing he is holding and the sword? The sword is a simple version of Skeletor’s Filmation weapon that had the same amount of screen time as Lizard Man and the little thing he is holding…well, my friends; it is the Diamond Ray of Disappearance!!! And it is not cheesy at all! The “diamond” actually glows in the dark, now how cool is that!

Liz 3 MOTUC: 2015; Jan Lizard Man!

But, nonetheless, Lizard Man comes with nothing for himself, so he is more-so a new sculpt, he seems to not share any parts with anyone—that I know of or can think of. This is both good and bad. Good, because he is very fresh and holds his own appearance which includes webbed hands, one open with translucent webs and painted solid fingers and palm and he also has a lot of detail.

Liz 4 MOTUC: 2015; Jan Lizard Man!

What is bad about the fresh new sculpt is the fact that his legs are kind of odd near the groin; as though there is a gap, but the thinner legs leading to his loin cloth are detailed; so, yet again, it isn’t such a bad sculpt after all. I couldn’t get the tail to move, so it seems it is sculpted into the back of his loin cloth, however, the tail keeps him standing on his own with ease and that is a plus.

All of Lizard Man’s joints on my figure are very tight and almost click when they are moved, and that is a bigger plus!

So, my scenes aren’t as elaborate as Miss M’s, but they make a point, so here is Lizard Man being vanished from the world by the Diamond Ray of Disappearance—cheap Photoshop effects make all the difference!

Liz 5 MOTUC: 2015; Jan Lizard Man!

Here, Skeletor is pissed at this wimp having his cheap-o sword and aims for the kill shot.

Liz 6 MOTUC: 2015; Jan Lizard Man!

Finally, Skeletor does a brutal job of killing this short-lived character leaving him in a pool of blood. Remember, everyone wants a modern and violent version of everything that the 80’s generation grew up with and loved, so here it is, even if it is cheaply done, it is still what you want right? Skeletor can kill them all, from Hordak and King Hsss, to my favorite girls Teela and Sorceress—I still can’t figure out a good way for him to kill He-Man though? Probably will have to go back to my favorite time period where Alcala was drawing the books—you know; the one theme everyone but me hates.

Liz 7 MOTUC: 2015; Jan Lizard Man!

Anyhow; although Lizard Man doesn’t have much to him and I could have just sold him off, I feel the accessories were what sold him. The Filmation, Skeletor sword is pretty basic and the Diamond Ray is cool, but that was reason enough to open the box. Lizard Man gets a spot on the shelf of loose figures to collect dust and now I’ll just wait for what comes next.

Lizard Man has a nice sculpt, however, he doesn’t do much—except die at the hands of Skeletor really well.

GRADE: C+ (You know…he just isn’t much…but he doesn’t suck so bad to give a lower grade).


In this; the 2015 year of Masters of the Universe Classics, Miss M and I (Paladin) will be alternating reviews on the MOTUC figures. So, be sure to check it out each month.

pixel MOTUC: 2015; Jan Lizard Man!

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