MOTUC 2015: July- Peekablue!

I am seeing something She-Ra. I am seeing that beyond the Whispering Woods there is a magical figure that has traveled a long way. My omnivision tells me that Peekablue is the Masters of the Universe Classics release for July, and she is finally here! Let’s check her out.

iphone 046 MOTUC 2015: July  Peekablue!

Peekablue is one of the Princess of Power figures from the MOTUC line and she comes in the regular MOTUC packaging. I am fond of Peekablue. Her powers in the She-Ra cartoon made her an important force in the Great Rebellion. However I was more closely connected to her vintage toy release. I thought her accessory of the peacock fan on her back with zigzag print was just dazzling. I recall the experiences of most of my vintage She-Ra items; however Peekablue’s purchase is foggy. I do remember using her fan device a great deal. She was also the first She-Ra item of mine to break as a kid. Her neck peg broke and her head was unable to connect. I had to eventually super glue it. Either way, on with the review!

iphone 047 MOTUC 2015: July  Peekablue!

Back of the card shows off some of the other MOTUC releases. It’s a nice mix of PoP figures that came out throughout the various vintage waves.

iphone 048 MOTUC 2015: July  Peekablue!

Bio is interesting. I don’t dislike her name being Penelope. I like that more details of her powers and role with the Great Rebellion are discussed. I also like the introduction of a romance. I find this very interesting. I have noticed the characters and their romances with a few of the Masters characters and it reminds me of conversations I had with members of the Mattycollector forums about romance between the characters from She-Ra and He-Man. I even shared some fan fiction on those boards that involved a great deal of romance. Now I am sure they already had those ideas to pair She-Ra and He-Man characters together, it is a rather no-brainer of an idea, but it would be kind of cool if those forum conversations and stories led to them wanting to add these romances to the story.

iphone 051 MOTUC 2015: July  Peekablue!

Out of package with her feathers out, Peekablue strikes quite an impression. These feathers are huge. She has a difficult time standing on her own as the feather piece plugs into her back and is quite heavy.

iphone 053 MOTUC 2015: July  Peekablue!

The feathers are very different from the toy version. They look like actual feathers. There is a nice shimmer in the plastic and the color used for the “eyes” on the feathers look nice.

iphone 052 MOTUC 2015: July  Peekablue!

Peekablue’s face is interesting. Her hair is a really nice bright green. I love the shade used for her hair. Her face reminds me of a young Donna Mills. I’m saying that because General Hospital is on right now and I’m looking at Donna Mills and I’m thinking to myself, “Peekablue looks like a young Donna Mills!”

iphone 056 MOTUC 2015: July  Peekablue!

Here is a shot from the back. The “eyes” are only on the front.

iphone 059 MOTUC 2015: July  Peekablue!

The feathers also close and can be displayed like the picture above.

iphone 060 MOTUC 2015: July  Peekablue!

Once the feather pack is removed Peekablue is very easy to stand. Her joints are tight and nothing is loose on mine. I do wish though that her skirt had been painted gold and there had maybe been some paint detailing done on her bodice. However I am guessing all the detail placed on the feathers took away from that. Either way I will more than likely purchase some extra Peekablue figures and make my own customizations.

iphone 062 MOTUC 2015: July  Peekablue!

As you can see the feather pack plugs into her back. Check out the hair sculpt! It looks like a cascading wave. I really love how the Four Horsemen sculpt hair for the PoP figures. They really do a nice job that is reminiscent of the cartoon and toy line both.

iphone 054 MOTUC 2015: July  Peekablue!

Accessory wise Peekablue comes with the requisite PoP shield and a fan. This was a new item that never came with the original Peekablue. I like it; it is a nice touch that makes sense.

iphone 055 MOTUC 2015: July  Peekablue!

The fan also fits into Peekablue’s hand rather easily. I am happy with that. There are times where I get nervous about using the accessories on these figures. Particularly the shields as they have been known to chip off some of the paint on the arm cuffs.

iphone 058 MOTUC 2015: July  Peekablue!

Here she is ready to put on a show! There is a total showgirl vibe to this figure. I love the overall look and effect of Peekablue.

iphone 063 MOTUC 2015: July  Peekablue!

Together with her other friends from the second wave of PoP toys, Peekablue is ready to perform a show! We have just one figure left to complete the second wave of PoP figures in MOTUC form. Perfuma will be released towards the end of this year and I will be thrilled to have all the PoP vintage toys in Classics form. It only took seven years!

Grade: A- (The figure has a hard time standing on her own with the feathers and some added paint applications to her bodice would have been nice, but everything else makes for a truly stellar release!)

pixel MOTUC 2015: July  Peekablue!

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