MOTUC 2015: June- Multi-Bot!

The always awesome Paladin has already reviewed the slithery Sssqueeze, but the love for Masters of the Universe Classics still goes on for the month of June with the look at Multi-Bot! Like the transforming body combinations of Modulok, Multi-Bot is a MOTUC figure with some variety! Let’s check this out!

001 MOTUC 2015: June  Multi Bot!

Multi-Bot comes with a special box. The cover art for this box is perfect. The large image of Multi-Bot is fearsome in his standard look. However it is the tiny images all around the box that add to the overall awesomeness. The various forms that Multi-Bot can take are endless. These are only a few!

002 MOTUC 2015: June  Multi Bot!

Turned around, the box features some figures that have already been released with a nice splashy bio! I like it when MOTUC figures come in a larger packaging because there are larger images all around.

003 MOTUC 2015: June  Multi Bot!

I enjoy the bio for Multi-Bot. He is certainly written as a ferocious character, a nice step away from his appearance in the She-Ra cartoon. The whole creating of the Ultrabeast and killer robot style is so fun and just slightly scary. As cool as robots are they can be scary as well.

006 MOTUC 2015: June  Multi Bot!

Out of package, Multi-Bot comes in a plastic tray with all the extra pieces and two blasters. When I first opened this I was just overwhelmed at all the possibilities.

007 MOTUC 2015: June  Multi Bot!

Here is one of the halves of Multi-Bot put together in a basic fashion. His arms are really cool and he is able to stand on his own rather well.

008 MOTUC 2015: June  Multi Bot!

This is the other basic half of Multi-Bot. I like this version more. The face sculpt is a more aesthetically interesting. I also like that his feet are essentially tracks similar to that of a tank.

009 MOTUC 2015: June  Multi Bot!


010 MOTUC 2015: June  Multi Bot!

These images are of Multi-Bot as he is originally put together. This is the “base” look for the figure. Putting him together was a bit more challenging than Modulok. While the connecting pieces were softer on Modulok, there seems to be a sturdier feel to the Multi-Bot pieces so connecting arms, legs, and torsos takes some time. (I even cracked some skin on my finger putting this figure together! I think that means I’m getting old.)

Now for the fun stuff! Check out some interesting combos and prepare to fear the evil robot of a thousand bodies!

011 MOTUC 2015: June  Multi Bot!

Multi-Bot goes it alone in a fearsome robotic look that reminds me of  a spider. Or some type of creepy insect.

012 MOTUC 2015: June  Multi Bot!

His tail is part leg and wheel, but all bad-ass.

013 MOTUC 2015: June  Multi Bot!

Another Multi-Bot form! Animal-like in nature, Multi-Bot can race after his prey fast, or drive up a tree.

014 MOTUC 2015: June  Multi Bot!

The mechanics allow for an all terrain feel that She-Ra and the Great Rebellion will be unable to escape!

015 MOTUC 2015: June  Multi Bot!

Multi-Bot is also a fan of Goro from Mortal Kombat, so it only makes sense that he give his best Goro impression!

016 MOTUC 2015: June  Multi Bot!


Taking Goro to the next level, Multi-Bot utilizes a bit of Mekaneck to extend his neck for a double header!

018 MOTUC 2015: June  Multi Bot!


Here comes trouble! What could possibly happen when two beasts of unimaginable combinations get together?

019 MOTUC 2015: June  Multi Bot!

They form their own evil robotic monster centipede!

020 MOTUC 2015: June  Multi Bot!

Modulok hasn’t felt this alive since the vintage He-Man toy line went on mall tours in the 80’s!

021 MOTUC 2015: June  Multi Bot!


They have legs, and they know how to use them. This Modu-Bot is popular at doing the shuffle and other hip dance styles at parties!

022 MOTUC 2015: June  Multi Bot!

Evil tries to attack at every corner!

023 MOTUC 2015: June  Multi Bot!

They can’t help but get used to their new form, because one day they will unleash the ultimate beast on She-Ra and He-Man!

024 MOTUC 2015: June  Multi Bot!

Putting these two figures together was an act. I had no real idea where to go with this as there are so many possibilities. I was able to come up with a few more though…

025 MOTUC 2015: June  Multi Bot!


Realizing that four heads are better than none, Modu-Bot comes together for a summit on climate change and how they also have a built in cast for a Bravo reality show.

026 MOTUC 2015: June  Multi Bot!

They look like they could be a walking Mt. Rushmore of Evil. (I really love the detail on the orange head, I can’t stress it enough.)

027 MOTUC 2015: June  Multi Bot!

The tail makes him cute. It’s not enough though! This creature of a 1,000 bodies needs the Charles Atlas seal of approval! Something that will be sure to work at helping the Horde achieve world domination.

028 MOTUC 2015: June  Multi Bot!

I went with this look for the final one. I really like the idea of the four heads being together and the different banter they can all engage in.

029 MOTUC 2015: June  Multi Bot!

I also thought of this final form as needing to have the components of a regular body, but just in different places. Legs are still the same and form the base, while the arms sort of make up the back end.

031 MOTUC 2015: June  Multi Bot!


I really like how the arms all have a personality and are ready to fight even though the heads are on the other side. There are just too many things that can be done with this figure as either Multi-Bot or when combined with Modulok.  This is the perfect combiner figure and worth every penny. Multi-Bot will return of course! Now that he has mastered the art of his thousand bodies, She-Ra and He-Man surely won’t stand a chance! Again, be sure to check out the Sssqueeze article by Paladin below!

Grade: A+ (This figure is pure perfection. MOTUC has been a bumpy toy line to collect, but when Mattel gets it right, they really get it right. Find a way to own this figure!)

pixel MOTUC 2015: June  Multi Bot!

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