MOTUC: 2015; March-Huntara!

Spring is upon us and while we stop to smell the flowers, let’s just take a step back inside, to play with our toys. March brings with us nothing but allergies and of course the latest release from the Masters of the Universe Classics line! All the way from Silax comes Huntara!

004 MOTUC: 2015; March Huntara!

Fan favorite from the She-Ra cartoon, Huntara comes packed on the regular card and bubble that the MOTUC figures have been released on for years.

0051 MOTUC: 2015; March Huntara!

The back of the card is also a standard card with shots of the other figures available. Some really nice Princess of Power figures have come out which adds to the specialness of Huntara. Pay careful attention to Huntara on this card, she is holding a sword that she does not come with.

0071 MOTUC: 2015; March Huntara!

Huntara’s bio is a simple bio that pays tribute to her appearance in the She-Ra cartoon. Huntara was only in one episode of She-Ra: Princess of Power, but she was a very important character. She was a fighter and actually a near rival in strength and skill for She-Ra. Also, according to the creators of Huntara, she was based off of Storm and Grace Jones.

0101 MOTUC: 2015; March Huntara!

Looking at Huntara out of package, I can certainly see a resemblance to Storm and Grace Jones. Her hair sculpt is very punk as well as the tattoos on her head. Her torso is a reuse of Battleground Teela. Her feet sculpts seem to be new. The outfit is all new and a perfect replication of Huntara from the animated series.

0111 MOTUC: 2015; March Huntara!

The face sculpt is stunning. There is something elegant and very tough about her face sculpt. She looks like a warrior.

0121 MOTUC: 2015; March Huntara!

Here is another shot of the side of her hair. The hair sculpt is perfect as are the tattoos and use of color.

0132 MOTUC: 2015; March Huntara!

Flipped around Huntara is able to attach her sabers to her back and she strikes a mean pose. I also really enjoy the movement of her ponytail.

0091 MOTUC: 2015; March Huntara!

Huntara’s accessories are weapons, two sabers and an axe. No sign of the sword that she is seen holding on the back of the card. However, there is something else to behold!

0142 MOTUC: 2015; March Huntara!

While trying to stop the Horde, She-Ra finds herself in the Fright Zone Combat Arena. Armed with her power sword, She-Ra must fight against Huntara, a powerful woman from Silax! Hordak and his Horde can only look on in glee.

0152 MOTUC: 2015; March Huntara!

The two women simply stare at each other, preparing to fight. She-Ra studies her opponent as Huntara sneers, “You will not survive this.”

0161 MOTUC: 2015; March Huntara!

Hordak looks on with excitement, his plan will succeed, “She-Ra, this will be my final moment to destroy you! Now, FIGHT!”

0191 MOTUC: 2015; March Huntara!

Huntara relishes her moment to shine.

0251 MOTUC: 2015; March Huntara!

Wielding her sabers with precision, Huntara does her best to destroy She-Ra.

027 MOTUC: 2015; March Huntara!

Holding her own, She-Ra struggles trying to understand what Huntara’s motive is to work with Hordak.

0201 MOTUC: 2015; March Huntara!

Huntara simply explains herself, demanding that She-Ra pay for her crimes.

0261 MOTUC: 2015; March Huntara!

027 MOTUC: 2015; March Huntara!

She-Ra is not sure what crimes Huntara speaks of, but knowing that fighting will not solve this dilemma, She-Ra searches for other answers.

0301 MOTUC: 2015; March Huntara!

Soon both women realize that they are not the enemies they seem, and that the biggest threat to them both is the oppressive forces of the Horde.

0291 MOTUC: 2015; March Huntara!

Working together, both women join forces to stop Hordak once and for all!

Grade: A+ (Having never expected Huntara to end up in this line, she is a pleasant surprise and a perfect addition to the PoP mythos.)

pixel MOTUC: 2015; March Huntara!

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