MOTUC 2015: May- Blast Attak!

What an interesting figure for the month of May; it is Blast Attak! Packaged as usual on the standard card.

BLst ATK 1 MOTUC 2015: May  Blast Attak!

One of the last figures in the line, Blast Attak has mixed origin stories that are made more complicated in the bio on the back.
To simplify, we will use the story from the mini comic he came with called “Revenge of the Snake Men.” So, what does this mean? It means that the snake sticker on the front is accurate! Something in MOTUC is accurate!!! The end of the world is approaching…

Blst Atk 2 MOTUC 2015: May  Blast Attak!

Blast Attak was created by King Hssss, he is a walking time bomb…yeah, that’s it. The following issues come with Blast Attak; his armor is glued, so if you want to see the red mechanical appearance under it, well, you will probably have to wreck the figure; at least they tried. The next issue is that his legs groin movement is so loose that I am surprised that he doesn’t do the splits.

blst atk 3 MOTUC 2015: May  Blast Attak!

A lot of Blast Attak’s joints are loose,–on mine, that is; others may have more luck; although, it really doesn’t hurt anything, he stands and poses fine.

blst atk 4 MOTUC 2015: May  Blast Attak!

The sculpt is awesome! The detail meets or exceeds the original and that is satisfying. The paint on the hands and feet is a flat green as you can see, this makes for a great piece of detail work and I think it was a very creative way to paint him up.

blst atk 5 MOTUC 2015: May  Blast Attak!

Blast Attak does not have an action feature, so he can’t do a…uh…blast…attack; the original figure would pop apart with the use of a plunger cable that would press into his back. The detail of these things is there, but you use the plunger as a whip instead of to make him blast apart.

Included are his Tech Axe and Whip with the exact same detail as the original, just no feature.

Not bad. I would say more, but he is just a basic figure and a pretty cool one at that, he is larger and taller than a lot of the others so that gives him the appearance of a robot from the future!!! Or a creation of king snake-guy.

On with the show!

blst atk 6 MOTUC 2015: May  Blast Attak!

We find Blast Attak posing and thinking he is a bad-ass, all you can hear from him is “TIC…TIC…TIC…”

The great warriors Thunder Punch He-Man and teenage Teela meet him on the battleground, they need to stop him from blast…attacking…before it is too late!

blst atk 7 MOTUC 2015: May  Blast Attak!

Teela: “Why do we always fight on this wooden ledge with a yellowish wall behind us?”

TP He-Man: “You’re right Teela, but now isn’t the time to worry about that, we have trouble!”

Blast Attak: “TIC…TIC…TIC…explode?”

blst atk 8 MOTUC 2015: May  Blast Attak!

Teela: “He doesn’t have much to say, looks like there won’t be any comebacks or whatever this time…finally, a quiet fight.”

TP He-Man: “Man my skin is pale! I mean, you’re right Teela, this should end with a bang!”

blst atk 9 MOTUC 2015: May  Blast Attak!

Blast Attak: “Lame banter from heroes…TIC…must kill self…TIC…timer taking forever to go off…TIC…must create own action feature!”

TP He-Man: “Teela run for cover, I will use my thunder punch to take down Blast Attak before he blows…now where is that extra set of caps for my backpack?”

Blast Attak: “TIC…let me not be rebuilt this time…TIC…must not collect dust on shelf…”

blst atk 10 MOTUC 2015: May  Blast Attak!

TP He-Man: With my punching attachment effect, I will stop you Blast Attak!”

Blast Attak: TIC…EXPLODE!”

BLST ATK 11 MOTUC 2015: May  Blast Attak!

With a great comic style ‘KA-BLAM!!!!’ Blast Attak blows apart in stars leaving nothing but…wait! The most powerful Thunder Punch He-Man in the universe is still standing; he has stopped the photo shop action feature of Blast Attak in the nick of time!!!

blst atk 12 MOTUC 2015: May  Blast Attak!

Teela: “So, what do we do with him?”

TP He-Man: “Present for Skeletor? Maybe Ninjor?”

Teela: “Nah, let’s just leave him on the shelf to collect dust, he was complaining about that…but as I was saying, why are we always fighting on this…”

The heroes of Eternia won again, as usual, but others will appear, like pointless 200X characters that were in one episode of the cartoon and never had an action figure made of them because people didn’t want them to begin with…

Blast Attak is pretty cool, just a good figure to have with some nice detail; nothing very exciting, but not a waste either.

GRADE: B (If his armor was removable with detail underneath and the whip simply plugged into the back of the armor, then he would have been an ‘A’).

pixel MOTUC 2015: May  Blast Attak!

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