MOTUC 2015: October- Perfuma, Skeletor, and He-Man!

It’s a jam-packed month for Masters of the Universe Classics as October finds a way to be terrifying yet smelling so sweet. Let’s get into it!

IMG 8196 MOTUC 2015: October  Perfuma, Skeletor, and He Man!

Up first is a two pack that I will not be opening. There are many reasons for that, mostly because I have a lot to say about Perfuma. Terror Claws Skeletor and Flying Fists He-Man come packed in the same two pack box set that other MOTUC releases have had before. Visually it is a very nice two pack.

IMG 81991 MOTUC 2015: October  Perfuma, Skeletor, and He Man!

Flying Fists He-Man is the weaker of the two for me. The armor and face sculpt look wonderful as does his weapon. I actually really like the shield, however this is just another variant He-Man that is cool but doesn’t really melt my butter.

IMG 8197 e1445841024429 MOTUC 2015: October  Perfuma, Skeletor, and He Man!

Now Terror Claws Skeletor is a thing of nightmares. I absolutely love this figure. The chest plate is interesting. I really enjoy the detailing and paint. It’s those claws that are pure perfection. There is such a horrific feel to them, and from the looks of it they snap on very easily. I will more than likely open these two up eventually.

IMG 8202 MOTUC 2015: October  Perfuma, Skeletor, and He Man!

Some other releases are shown on the back of the box. Goodness, Snake Man-At-Arms, I have no comment for that one. I never grow tired of seeing Evil Lyn though.

IMG 8205 MOTUC 2015: October  Perfuma, Skeletor, and He Man!

IMG 8208 MOTUC 2015: October  Perfuma, Skeletor, and He Man!


IMG 8207 MOTUC 2015: October  Perfuma, Skeletor, and He Man!


The bios contain nothing really new except for details on their armor upgrades. I do like how the claws were commissioned by Spikor. There is a Spikor “feel” to those claws. These are fun bios, but if I can be honest, I am so tired of them. I don’t know if this is because of the drama I have gone through with Perfuma, or what, but I am just feeling worn down with this line right now. I’ve been collecting it since 2008. That is insane to me.

Either way these two figures are a solid release. They look really nice. Paint and other details are very clean. While Flying Fists He-Man feels like yet another generic He-Man variant, Terror Claws Skeletor really shines and continues to show why he is one of the most fearsome villains in the universe.

Grade- A (While I do not really need any more He-Man and Skeletor variants, these two still pack a terrifying punch)

You know what else is terrifying? Paying a lot of money for a jacked figure, especially when it is a figure you have been patiently waiting for. I’m talking about Perfuma.

IMG 8211 MOTUC 2015: October  Perfuma, Skeletor, and He Man!

Here she is on her standard MOTUC card. She looks great with her bright pink colors with lots of flower details and accessories. How could anyone not want this figure? She is Etheria’s premiere flower maiden.

IMG 8213 MOTUC 2015: October  Perfuma, Skeletor, and He Man!

Back of the card shows off the regular PoP related releases. On a side note, I was able to purchase another Sweet Bee the other week. Mattycollector had a special Princess of Power sale and Sweet Bee was one of the figures for sale. This is interesting of course because when she originally came out it was explained that she was an exclusive release for the Club Etheria subscription. So to all those secondary buyers who thought they could get away with selling Sweet Bee at high costs for her exclusivity got a big laugh at their expense when she was sold for regular price on the special PoP sale day. Collecting is such a strange experience.

IMG 8215 MOTUC 2015: October  Perfuma, Skeletor, and He Man!

Perfuma’s bio is a basic one. It explains her skill set while also referencing one of her appearances in the She-Ra cartoon. Many fans are quick to dismiss her as a weak character because she uses the power of flower scents to put her foes to sleep, however since she has powers over anything that grows I would think that would make her one woman not to mess with. At least that’s how I envision her. Now, let’s take her out of her plastic prison!

IMG 8218 MOTUC 2015: October  Perfuma, Skeletor, and He Man!

Wait, what is this? I hate to interrupt this regular MOTUC review, but sometimes plans go awry for what I plan on writing about. The image above is of the Perfuma that I received. Now I might be crazy, or maybe I’m just picky, but this face is unacceptable. No, I’m not referring to the large blown up lips or the strange ridges around her eyes, (to say nothing of those bangs) no no, I am referring to the sloppy way her face was painted. One eye brow is not even fully painted. Her double winged eyeliner is only double on one side but not on the other. Also one of her blue eyes is bleeding over the rim. There is also an extra black line in the white of her right eye.

I know this must sound silly. I am known to be picky about the details on my figures. I should be picky though! These items cost a pretty penny. They do not come cheap, so when I have to pull out my Testor brand paints and brushes to fix a face, I just get frustrated. I’m actually feeling a certain way about this figure in general, but I will get to that in a second.

What I had to do next was start by fixing these imperfections. Behold the changes that occurred:

IMG 8222 MOTUC 2015: October  Perfuma, Skeletor, and He Man!

Using my skills from when I worked in a cosmetics department, I filled in Perfuma’s eyebrows since some of the paint was missing. I also enhanced her lashes so that her cat eye effect had the double lines on both sides. It was far from perfect, but I feel that the after effect looks far better than the before.

With that latest bit over, let’s check out the figure.

IMG 8220 e1445840585675 MOTUC 2015: October  Perfuma, Skeletor, and He Man!

Perfuma was one of the PoP related figures I was curious to see in Classics form. Her look in the animated series was far different than her vintage toy release. I like that Mattel gave us a Perfuma with elements from both the cartoon and vintage toyline. Her belt and boots are straight from the toy. Her dress is a combination of the two. In the cartoon she looked to be wearing a long night gown, while the toy had a whimsical flower petal skirt. I feel pleased with the way in which it all turned out.

IMG 8223 e1445840548506 MOTUC 2015: October  Perfuma, Skeletor, and He Man!

In fact the details of the front also work well with the back. There is a lot to really enjoy about this figure. She also smells! Like Stinkor and Moss Man, Perfuma was one of the MOTU/PoP toys that had a scent back in the 80’s. While her rose scent is not as strong on the MOTUC release, it is there. I am very pleased that Mattel added that scent to the figure.

IMG 8224 MOTUC 2015: October  Perfuma, Skeletor, and He Man!


IMG 8226 MOTUC 2015: October  Perfuma, Skeletor, and He Man!

A large flower bloom joins the tiara on her head to further mimic her appearance in the cartoon. I love the ease at which this bloom piece can attach. It’s perfect. I am so pleased with the various shades of pink and green used to really make this figure pop. However I loathe her hair. Those bangs are straight from the cartoon and they have always driven me insane. The bangs look too much like a mushroom shaped head. I just do not like it. I also am not a fan of her toy face. The PoP women have always been sculpted with serene and stunning looks. There is something majestic and breathtaking about the other PoP releases. With Perfuma’s annoying bangs and oddly proportioned face, she almost comes off looking like a blow up doll. It’s the one thing I wish looked different on her.

IMG 8227 MOTUC 2015: October  Perfuma, Skeletor, and He Man!

Perfuma comes with some epic accessories. The standard PoP shield shows up in a nice green. What I really love is that Mattel included her blooming backpack from the vintage toy, but made it more like a flower gun. The blooming effect does not work and the pegs cannot snap on to Perfuma’s back, but the overall look of the item is fun. I have seen other reviews where Perfuma is holding her item like a gun (hence phrasing it flower gun earlier) and I love that. However the pegs are a bit thick for her hands so proceed with caution. I do not have any photos of her holding the item as I was afraid I’d stretch out her hand.

IMG 8228 e1445840632209 MOTUC 2015: October  Perfuma, Skeletor, and He Man!

Here’s one last photo of Perfuma with everything. She rounds out the last of the vintage PoP figures. I am so thrilled that fans can now fully complete their vintage PoP figures in the Classics line. I just wish some other details had been done just a little differently with Perfuma.

Grade- B (I love Perfuma. She was one of my highly anticipated figures to be made. I just was underwhelmed with her face and mushroom bangs. Other than that she is a great figure)

pixel MOTUC 2015: October  Perfuma, Skeletor, and He Man!

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