Movie Review: Amazing Spider-Man

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Now many people were not happy with the news that we would be getting a Spider-Man reboot just 5 years after the last film.  Many people say that this movie isn’t necessary and that we should have waited longer for another Spidey flick. But after the premiere in my country, I can honestly say I love this movie even more than the Avengers.

The biggest plus for this movie is that it perfectly captures what its like to be an outcast in society.  Many teenagers (including myself) have had the usual stuff, being called geeks or nerds, beaten up by bullies and not having any friends. Peter Parker is like that, sure he isn’t really a nerd like he was in Raimi’s trilogy but he’s still smart.  He’s very socially awkward and he likes a girl but just can’t find any way to tell her that.

This made his extremely likeable and relatable and by the end of the movie you can see that his coming out of his shell and even people in school start to accept him. Some critics have said that the movie reuses to many of the same characters as before and I have to respectfully disagree.  While the usual suspects like Uncle Ben, Aunt May and Flash Thompson are here, characters in the previous movies like Mary Jane, Harry Osborn and Norman Osborn are not in the movie (except Norman who’s mentioned a few times).

The characters are done way more justice in this movie than they ever were in the comics and the director actually gave Peter and his adoptive parents several scenes where we actually saw their relationship and we the audience also came to care for them like Peter. But the best new character in the Spidey movie is Gwen Stacy played by Emma Stone. She is right off the bat a strong character, she can take care of herself and deal with her own problems.  She has great chemistry with Andrew Garfield and their awkward conversations were really funny.  I havent read much of Gwen Stacy in the comics but I think she is WAY better than Mary Jane in the last 3 movies.

The only weak character was Dr. Connors.  Sure his performance was great, however some strange things were done with the character.  His family is gone in this universe, the dual personality thing just shows up out of nowhere and by the end I felt like if some of his scenes weren’t in the editing room, he could have been a better villain.

The action feels very realistic, Andrew Garfield did all of the stunts himself and this was especially awesome for me because I hated the blobby fake looking CGI Spider-Man in the last 3 movies. Also this movie is more violent than I expected it to be, there is a lot of blood and Spider-Man himself is clawed, beaten up and bloody by the end.

All in all, Amazing Spider-Man is the best Spider-Man movie yet and its the best CBM out now, I highly recommend for teenagers to check this one out because they will identify and enjoy this movie the most.  Here’s hoping the sequels can continue to stay this good in the coming years.


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