Movie Review: Batman Assault on Arkham

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Batman: Assault on Arkham has a lot to prove. Despite the excellent Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox, its follow up films Justice League War and Son of Batman left much to be desired in the eyes of many people, and in many ways hurt the reputation of the studio responsible for making them.The former received criticism for its copious amount of action, and violence while the later diverged greatly from the Grant Morrison story it was based off of “Batman & Son” with a large amount of criticism directed at the inclusion of Deathstroke who many think was put in there solely thanks to his new found popularity thanks to both Arkham Origins and his appearance in the second season of Arrow.From the previews before release, Assault on Arkham received much of the same criticism from the designs of the characters, and the violence along with the apparent attempt to shoehorn in the Suicide Squad into a Batman film just to profit off their recent exposure via Arrow’s second season. With all of these things stacked up against it, is Batman: Assault on Arkham really just a cash grab, or does it make you “root for the bad guys” as the trailers say it will?

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