Movie Review: Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids Movie Review: Bridesmaids

The latest from the Judd Apatow factory turns out to be a very funny, raunchy good time. Box office is soaring thanks to good word of mouth and strong performances all around. Bridesmaids fell a mere 22 percent in its second weekend of release while most of its competition plummeted down to earth. The movie is skewing mostly female, but guys will enjoy it too. Unlike the vicious and unfunny Hangover, there’s nothing mean-spirited in Bridesmaids. If you’re looking for a raunchy Rated R fest this is the comedy to see, leave The Hangover 2 to UFC fioght fans and homophobic White teens.

Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph (of SNL fame) play childhood best friends who grow apart when Maya’s character gets married thanks to a rich new friend who tries to steal Wiig’s thunder. Wiig’s character Annie causes a series of mishaps and meets a friendly cop (well-played by actor Chris O’Dowd). The movie is stolen right out from under the two leads though by a plucky, lovable character played by Melissa McCarthy. She’s the unabashed Id in the film, doing and saying whatever is on her mind. Her refreshing honesty and large sexual appetite turns the female as damsel in distress waiting for Mr Right in romantic comedies on its head. She gets most of the larger laughs as well. Expect a bright future for Ms McCarthy, who is also on the CBS sitcom Mike and Molly.

Bridesmaids is crude and often hilarious. The runtime is again the only issue as the film is a good 15 mintues too long. That’s a minor flaw though as most of the movie sails right along with few pacing or plotting issues. The ending is a tad predictable and the final part of the movie is the least effective, but Bridesmaids packs a punch for both men and women and the movie is the first sleeper hit of the summer.

Grade: B+

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