Movie Review: Capitalism: A Love Story

Capitalism Movie Review: Capitalism: A Love Story

Michael Moore’s documentaries are entertaining, informative, and always controversial. His best, like Roger and Me and Bowling for Columbine, hold up, even years later. Moore’s searing indictment of the greed and unregulated chaos that has ruled our way of life since Ronald Regan was elected president, Capitalism is a must-see. Moore’s clear-eyed and unrelenting push at truth is filled with entertaining montages, signature Moore theatrics, and a tragic sense of doom and irony. Starting out by visiting desperate Americans on the verge of being evicted from their homes, and tracing the roots of our economic downfall, Capitalism is a wide-ranging and often insightful journey. Moore is hated by many of the very people who he’s trying to help, or at the very least, expose to the truth. The right-wing loons and the Fox News crowd won’t see this movie, but anyone who works for a living really should give it a shot. It’s an eye-opening experience.

The funniest scenes in the movie involve Moore’s signature theatrics trying to get in to see the president of GM or going to Wall Street to get the bank bailout money back for the American people. The most shocking scenes involve a secret life insurance policy, a vile and possibly illegal thing called a “dead peasants” insurance plan that many companies (including my beloved Walmart) take out on employees without their knowledge. At this point, if I found out that Walmart stores were stocking bodies along with cheap clothes, I’d almost believe it. From tragedy to comedy to political intrigue Capitalism has something for everyone. Republicans take a beating but Pelosi and her fake liberal crew from the left coast also get a well-deserved smackdown. Capitalism ends on an oddly hopeful note, and it’s one of the year’s best movies so far.

Grade: A-

pixel Movie Review: Capitalism: A Love Story

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